I really got a kick out of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney’s exchange on, well, everything in last night’s GOP debate. But what really made me laugh was that they brought up Newt’s idea of building a colony on the moon; an “American” colony at that. No word yet as to whether English would be the official language, or whether ghetto languages like Ebonics or Spanish will be allowed.

However, just for shit’s and giggles — because we know nothing like a moon colony will ever be realized — do me a favor and list the top ten people Newt can take with him to his moon base colony with him, will you? This should be fun! Like you I could name more than ten people, but let’s try to be realistic – we can’t get rid of everybody. Yep, if only we were that lucky, right?

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  • …to the moon!

    Orly Taitz, Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck, Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, GW Bush, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Clarence Thomas

  • Anonymous

    I suspect Newt wants to take all the folks who are recipients of food stamps.

  • dsw

    Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, Vicky McKenna, Ron Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Sensenbrenner, Rebecca Kleefisch, Alberta Darling, Glenn Grothman. As you can see, I’m living in Wisconsin!

  • JeanLucPicard

    The Black Mind. We never will establish a moon colony.  I guess this is why written language and the wheel wasn’t seen in Africa until other races showed it to them.

    I bet there were guys like you saying the same things when Kennedy talked about sending a man to the moon. 

    Next thing you know them white folks are gonna invent railroads and radios and then boxes with moving pictures and jets and man a whole bunches of stuff, farming, buildings, civilizations hot damn.

    Ebonics nah – it’s astrophysics not afro civics. I guess they could always “aks” if “ah-thu-leetes” “ex-cetera” be needed in space exploration but stay aways frum dem black holes dat shit be racist.

  • Sealinc2

    Are there more than 10 people who do news over at FAUX?

    If there are..Fred Phelps and Shirley Phelps-Roper (How she ever got married is beyond me), Ann Coulter, James Dobson, Mel Gibson, David Duke, Shirley McClaine, Shelly Long, George W Bush, Pat Robertson’s son. Cause eventually Pat Robertson will die, but if his son is on the moon, then there’s no one to carry on the 700 club dynasty.

  • Reggie

    I don’t care who he takes with him as long as he goes.

  • Amy

    mitt romney, george w. bush, rick santorum, rick perry, michelle bachman, herman cain, sarah palin, congress, fox news and this idiot that sits next to me in this office…..i know thats more than 10 but hey it is what it is…