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      Thanks for sharing.

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    These Six Commercials Make A Huge Statement Without Ever Mentioning Race (VIDEO) –

  • Eric L. Wattree

    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree
    I know you’re a big supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and as a Black man myself, it’s easy to understand why. They reflect our frustration at repeatedly seeing Black people shot down, beaten, choked to death, and possibly even lynched while in police custody. And then, if that’s not bad enough, being forced to endure juries and agencies across this country treating these heinous crimes as though the alleged perpetrators are performing a public service, in what is constantly being bragged about as a just society, is unconscionable and almost more than one can take. So I’m definitely in full support of BLM’s “professed” agenda.
    But I’m also quite concerned about how they’re going about trying to achieve their objectives, and whether or not they’ve been infiltrated by right-wing operatives who are instigating a level of stupidity that’s not only sabotaging BLM’s professed agenda, but is allowing the organization to be used to undermine other progressive activists, who should be considered allies. So again, while I share your frustration, I’m greatly concerned over BLM’s behavior, because nobody can be as stupid as they’ve been by accident, and as a child of the sixties, I learned very early in life to never allow myself to be blinded by circumstances. No matter how frustrating and unconscionable the situation, we must always remain vigilant for hyper-ideologues engaged in reckless and unnecessary stupidity. CointelPro 101. . . (MORE)