UPDATED: Ferguson Fireside Chat – Powerful Dialog From HUMANS

Just coming out of what was a truly powerful and remarkable dialog with some of the young leaders of the events and operations in Ferguson in the wake of the death of Michael Brown and others who share a sad common thread in that the deaths came at the hands of local law enforcement.

I have actually and quite literally been following the events in Ferguson since day one I was actually online when the information started coming in about Mike Brown and have watched each night praying for the safety of all the residents who are at this point, and rightfully so “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

The fireside chat is a conference call that provides a forum and dialog for those on the ground ever day to speak to their experiences and as was stated during the call tonight to just have some family time with each other. Although tonight’s call was so incredibly profound – more so than I believe the organizers had realized it would be going into it.

The initial part of the call we were introduced to some of the names behind the tweets and the images that have come out of

Ferguson. I was struck by how main stream media has not even made the slightest attempt to show the humanity of the people out there literally risking their lives every day seeking justice and imparting the message that ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER. The media would have you believe that those  who have been on the ground faithfully  every day making their voices heard are nothing more than a bunch of misguided thugs who are just looking for opportunities to loot and vandalize.  It is so far from the truth as to be downright appalling. It is part of the framing that takes place to disconnect public sentiment from  these events in order to make them more palpable and justify the inexcusable.

Listening to these young people in Ferguson tell their stories of how they came to be involved and why they still fight would bring tears to the eyes of the most hardened heart. The sacrifices they  have made and continue to  make, the constant fear of danger which does not discourage them but instead fuels their fire and purpose.

Listening to these young black men and women discuss freedom and what it means to them…what this whole movement feels like to them is totally powerful in a historical sense. Listening to them discuss how they have prepared mentally and or spiritually for the things to come including a possible non-indictment is the stuff of legend.

Main stream media wont tell you that though. The ratings only go up when the black folks in their Ferguson stories are acting up or doing  wrong.  There is a reason why the meme relative to African Americans being on the news usually for no good reason exists. There is no profit evidently in the truth about young leaders spearheading a movement and taking their place in a struggle that has gone o for years and still does to this very day.

ferguson-protest-sign_940xThere is no Protest Movement For Dummies Book or manual of any kind to show these young people the way. The status quo has not shown much of a predilection  to help much or assist much. They are finding their own way and forging their own path in the face of things not seen since the days of the KKK and Jim Crow.

Listen to the entire conversation Here:   Ferguson Fireside Chat Nov 5, 2014

This definitely is NOT a moment – it is a much needed movement


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