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Mimi Faust Sex Tape – Her Soul Is Sold

The sex tape (or unprofessionally made porno) has become the common place media buzz creator for those that are famous. Kim Kardashian probably made more millions off of off-kilter fellatio than Drake made off of So Far Gone. Then again, Kim’s family benefitted as well. Hell, even Ray J stopped being known as “Brandy’s brother” for two whole minutes before he made an “I miss you, Kim” song to diss Kanye West. So, much can be said about the success a sex tape can bring.

mimi-faust (1)I mean, you have to be a sucker to make a song about something everyone knows and does not care about. I am just saying.

Then again, a single sex tape can bring about shame and infamy. Case in point: R. Kelly. Before he was caught up in the sex tape scandals, The Pied Piper has a few rumors here and there. When the sex tape blew, he was on trial. Faster than you can say “step in the name of love”, R. Kelly was lampooned by notable shows such as The Boondocks andThe Chappelle Show. In turn, the sex tape may not be the best thing for someone in the limelight.

Mimi Faust Sex Tape Part 1 – The Sex

Enter the sex tape that has had the entire internet ablaze: the sex tape that consists of Mimi Faust and Nikko. All shower rod jokes to be had, I can admit that this film trailer possessed a quality of passion and full blown effort. For what it is worth, both Mimi and Nikko enjoyed every minute. Plenty of people either enjoyed it for the sexuality or hated the fact that it was even created (more on that later). Still, there was much to be said about this sex tape.

Screw that! The shower rod jokes are hilarious.Screw that! The shower rod jokes are hilarious.

Oh, and Mimi Faust’s “sex tape” is actually a pretty decently filmed porno. Let’s keep it real.

Plus, we got to fully understand why Stevie J was not trying to let her go: I think Kakey XXX and Sinnamon Love themselves could applaud Mimi’s performance.

Mimi Faust Sex Tape Part 2 – The Cream

To pole position this situation into the realm of logic, this sex tape fiasco is all a ploy for monetary gain. If you look at the realistic situation of it all, what other point would there be? I even feel like Captain Obvious bringing this up because it was so cringe-worthily blatant. Even still, it begs the question as to why even go the sex tape route anyway? Even if money is gained, Mimi could have picked a more productive/less risky route to a bigger bank account.


I mean, she could have made a song about it. Just mentioning her options.I mean, she could have made a song about it. Just mentioning her options.

Yet, the issue is that there is nothing more to gain from this outside of money. Does Mimi think that she will pull a Kim Kardashian and start raking in more deals? Maybe she did not think about the other side of the porno coin: the shame factor. Mimi does have a family to think about. She has not always been on the best of relations with Master Splinter Stevie J, either. With all the “money” that may be made, the cost of fame will make Mimi seem morally bankrupt.

Mimi Faust Sex Tape Part 3 – The Drama In Between

The reaction to this porno (which is what I can call it in addition to a sex tape) made the media rounds with no-so-nice results. Charlamagne Tha God make his points perfectly, and comically, clear in one of the best examinations of this situation:

We do have to admit that Charlamagne told a lot of truth in this situation. For one, we need to question Nikko’s motivations and overall manhood to allow this. Second, Mimi is not doing herself any favors when she has a daughter to look after. Third, this is a somewhat pointless endeavor for a woman having her stature in the media and age as well.

Mimi Faust Sex Tape – The Sour Note

Mimi Faust, with the assistance of Nikko, sold her sexuality and her soul. It is one thing to be hard up for money. However, a porno/sex tape is not a vehicle of promise for someone that is already somewhat famous, a mother of a young daughter, and over 40. She would have been better off doing something more philanthropic. Still, it remains to be seen how all of this plays out.

We see that now.We see that now.

My guess is that this will not rest too easy on Mimi’s soul. That is if Mimi still has any soul left.

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