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John McCain and Pat Sajak: The Senile and The Drunk

When is it time for political dinosaurs to become extinct? When is it time for old game show hosts to just shrivel up in their Hollywood mansions and STFU? The time is now for Sen. John McCain and “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak. First up is McCain who, shock of all shocks, wants the U.S. to intervene militarily in Nigeria to rescue the kidnapped girls. He of course is saying the same old shit that he has been saying for the last six years when it comes to President Obama and his foreign policy. That he isn’t acting fast enough. By fast, McCain means dropping bombs and shooting people.

That is McCain’s answer for everything. Except of course the banks and wall street crooks. He hasn’t advocated for their mass murder. But for everything else, he is fine with military intervention. He wants the U.S. to go in and rescue the girls, just as it would happen in a movie. It’s that easy. Now, if something were to go wrong, we know he and his secret lover, the grande dame of the Senate, Lindsey Graham, would blame Obama and call for investigations and possibly impeachment.

None of this matters to McCain because he only cares about himself and feeding his hawkish constituents in Arizona. OK, if we want to get all psychological over the matter, we can look at McCain’s history. He was in Vietnam and was held as a prisoner, so yes, he probably has some flashbacks and knows the horror of the situation. But as someone who was in a war, he should be LESS inclined to use the military option and as we very well know McCain is always beating the drums of war. Maybe he actually enjoyed his time in moo goo goop camp?

I’m tired of this senile war hawk. It’s time for him to leave and to retire to the 135 degree heat that he obviously loves so much. As has been the case Obama will look at the situation, and find the best way to go about it. He has been nearly 100 percent right so far. And by the way, was McCain constantly on Bush’s ass when he decided to give up on finding Bin Laden? You bet your ass he wasn’t.

I know he is a far less important public figure, except for maybe in his own mind, but useless game show host Pat Sajak, who often sends out mindless tweets, just sent out one that said this...

I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.

Huh? Look Sajak is an admitted drunk. He spoke willingly and happily about all of the margaritas he and Vanna White used to drink during their breaks from shooting “Wheel of Fortune.” He said that he would go back to the set drunk. What a guy! Talk about someone who is totally useless. He is the first guy to talk down about the people who truly work hard in this country and have nothing to show for it. The first guy to talk about minimum wages being too high or how much he hates Obamacare. All from a guy who did absolutely nothing to deserve the pampered life he lives. At least Vanna has the smarts to not open her mouth. Maybe she realizes how lucky she has been.

sajak (1)I’m sure Sajak doesn’t spend one minute thinking about his luck. He must think he actually earned all of that money. Maybe because he has that winning smile and radio voice! All he can do is spew drunk bile about global warming that doesn’t even make sense. On those 95 degree April days that he had in Los Angeles, all he had to do was take off his leopard skin robe and take a dip in his nice, cool pool while his servant brought him some more margaritas to get drunk on.

What does he know or care about global warming?

For Sajak it’s all about privilege, for McCain it’s all about war. Power over others is what turns them both on.

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Black, Famous, Getting Into Trouble (Double Standards)

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