Greg Anthony Is Not Marv Albert

So, Greg Anthony is caught in a scandal he has no business being in. He was arrested in a prostitution ring in DC. Being a married man and a sports commentator, Greg Anthony had way too much to lose. Yet, he got caught up with some pre-purchased booty in a DC hotel room. With this situation being part of a sting, it is safe to say that Greg Anthony was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and doing the wrong thing.

He later apologized for his “lapse in judgment” and that he “will work to regain the trust” he has lost and “the first step is saying I’m sorry”.

Greg Anthony and the Prostitution Rabbit Hole

As expected, his job is in indefinite hiatus. To be more exact, Greg Anthony will not be back on the air for CBS this season. Hell, he may not be back on the air ever. He was also suspended by TNT. Such digressions are truly tough to ascertain the level of forgiveness to be given. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never comes back to mainstream TV again.

Greg Anthony

Greg Anthony

You see, Greg Anthony has to stand in the court of public opinion. And public opinion can be equally harsh, forgiving, and even dismissive. You will have quite a few that will want his head. Also, you will have those that will “feel his pain” or “could care less”. It may be the court of public opinion that determines if Greg Anthony will go back to commentating or go out like Nick Halsey.

The Marv Albert Correlation

If there is any corresponding situation to explain the possibility of “forgiveness”, it would be the situation that Marv Albert put himself in. Marv Albert was caught up in a similar situation (and even more heinous):

During testimony, it was revealed that Albert forced a female companion into his hotel room bed, bit her 15 to 20 times and then forced her to perform oral sex on him (that counts as sodomy, too, Jesus fans).

And Marv Albert didn’t deny a bit (ha!) of it. His only defense was that the assault was consensual. And that’s when another woman came forward and claimed that he’d pulled a similar, but this time far more dramatic stunt with her. In this incident, Albert called a hotel employee up to his room to “help him send a fax.”

She arrived to find Albert wearing a garter belt and women’s underwear, fully aroused. She claimed that the freaky sports legend tried to force himself on her, but she was able to escape by, and I’m not joking, knocking his toupee off his head and running out of the room. I can only hope she yelled “No!” first in her best Marv Albert voice. [1]

Marv Albert was eventually fired. A couple of years later, he was back on TV.  And some seasons after that, NBC lost their NBA contract.

While there is evidence that those with transgressions can be forgiven, does that mean that Greg Anthony will be back on the air?

The honest answer is that he may not get that second chance.

Greg Anthony and Second Chances

One of the biggest things going against Greg Anthony is that he may not be considered “irreplaceable”. The question remains whether or not he actually is a pure necessity to CBS and TNT. Let’s face it: Marv Albert practically cross dressed, forced sex, and bit females and he is back on the air. Greg Anthony, however, tried to buy a piece of prime DC street booty. There is no real comparison to situations on degree of depravity. But does Greg Anthony add enough to the network in which people will “miss him”?

Another issue (that I really don’t want to bring up) is that he is Black. We all know the redundant song of “Black people having to work harder to make it”. It may get old, but it is the truth. All of his hard work may be at high risk just because of his skin color. Being at the mercy of public opinion is one thing; being Black and at the mercy of public opinion can be career suicide.

Greg Anthony Epilogue

Plain and simple, Greg Anthony got caught up. He made a dumb decision and he is paying the price. However, the “forgiveness” that may/may not be afforded to him deals with his professional need and racial acceptance. Greg Anthony not being a necessity/need/asset to any network is one issue. But, I would hate to see him not become employed because his skin resembles the Chocolate City that he was caught up in.

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