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Jay-Z and Beyonce Aint The Problem, Charity Ripoffs Are

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Now I am not a die hard fan/stan for Jay Z or Beyonce so when the news about their donations to Ferguson and Baltimore came out I kind of felt ambivalent about the whole thing. That is to say I didn’t feel like statues should be erected in their honor. More like ok well that’s cool, next. Then of course came the backlash from those of you out there who still are mad because you lost the Civil War and Slavery is no longer legal(not the original version anyway), who proceeded to troll, harass and harangue Jay and Bey online.

I had pretty much forgotten about that whole story until today when I ran into a piece about these three individuals who ran a non-profits that were  to be servicing patients with cancer.

Four key organizations worked together to collect millions of dollars over the years which was supposed to go to research and treatment for cancer patients and in particular children battling cancer. Real Salt of the earth people……smh….

Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, Children’s Cancer Fund of America and The Breast Cancer Society

Children’s Cancer Fund of America and Rose Perkins agreed to entry of a judgment for $30,079,821, the amount that consumers donated to Children’s Cancer Fund between 2008 andscam_charities 2012. The judgment against Children’s Cancer Fund will be partially satisfied by payment of the proceeds of the liquidation of all its assets by a receiver. In addition, the receiver will dissolve the corporate existence of Children’s Cancer Fund.The judgment against Perkins will be suspended based upon her documented inability to pay.

Breast Cancer Society agreed to entry of a judgment for $65,564,360, the amount consumers donated to it between 2008 and 2012. […] In a separate order, Reynolds, II also agreed to a $65,564,360, judgment for the injury caused by the corporation he controlled, but that judgment will be suspended because of his limited ability to pay, upon payment of $75,000.

In a separate settlement, the former Cancer Support Services president and chief financial officer of Cancer Fund, Kyle Effler, agreed to entry of a $41,152,231 judgment, the amount that consumers donated to Cancer Support Services between 2008 and 2012. That judgment will be suspended following a payment of $60,000.

Knoxville News Sentinel 


Things like hospice care and transportation to and from Chemotherapy treatments and medications were some of the ways the funds from this organization were supposed to be used.

Instead the organization was in fact a complete sham and was set up family members with cushy jobs while spending the proceeds from the donations on trips to Disney, Concerts, Jet Ski Trips and dating site memberships.

In fact it is alleged that 85% of the donations received by these charities went to the charities themselves, their families and friends-employed by the charity and professional fundraisers again friends of the organizations so basically they just sprinkled the money all over themselves. The period that is being brought forth in the complaint filed by the FTC is filing suit along with numerous other states says that these SCAMS brought in over $187 Million dollars.


Ease Up on Jay-Z and Beyonce

Maybe Jay-Z and Beyonce don’t have a massive trust and foundation set up administering funding on a regular to well known organizations. Maybe they don’t publicize every instance that they give for whatever reason.  Screaming on them for not giving enough, or to the right places right now seems like a real hollow argument given the story just mentioned.

Those that are so critical of their “charitable” giving to the people of Ferguson and Baltimore – are you going to be so critical of these people who stole money earmarked for children who were dying?

Probably not because you know….  #whiteliesmatter

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