When I think of Aaron McGruder, I think of the visionary that took it to whomever he saw fit for satire. It could have been Martin Luther KingR-Kelly, or even Tyler Perry. McGruder had no qualms with making commentary about Black culture, be it positive or negative. This was the attraction that drew so much admiration and ire to his brand. Through his art, McGruder knew no bounds, no limits, and had “no chill”.

Yet, it seems that the world of multimedia signings and deadlines is drawing up some red flags on the home front for the Boondocks. It seems that one of Black America’s famous/infamous satirical pleasures will be without the services of McGruder for the fourth season [1]. Much of the drama started some time ago. In that recent past, he noted that the Boondocks Facebook page had been “hijacked” [2]. I guess this “hijacking” was just the beginning of “the end”.

The Beginning of the End of The Boondocks?

If you are a full-fledged fan like I am, you are feeling the sadness and discontent. No matter how good the new episodes will be, many of us will question just how good the show truly is. This situation is like the Bulls being led by Scottie Pippen without Jordan. Or even worse, listening to Guru without a hint of DJ Premier: it does not seem to be an attractive option. This news of non-involvement from Aaron McGruder can lead to The Boondocks being ditched to an area of its namesake.

Then, it hit me: how in the hell would Aaron McGruder allow HIS show to happen without his involvement after it had been on hiatus for 4 years?

mcgruder (1)The Boondocks May Have Been Auctioned?

The most possible answer: Aaron McGruder sold out his show. Period.

Think about this logistically: there is no way a show based off of his creation, copyrights, and intellectual property is going to happen without his involvement. That is, unless he signed off on it to happen. At some point in the paperwork, there was probably noted that he would still allow the show to be created without his involvement. It probably had to do with deadlines and Cartoon Network legally demanding shows to be ready by a certain time. Therefore, The Boondocks may have been the victim of time limits and missed targets.

Whatever the case may be, it is still a situation that makes people sit back and throw up question marks. Let us face it: no one could take Fubu seriously once they started being sold in Burlington Coat Factory while replicating Nikes and Jordans.

Yes, this situation can become just that awful.

arron-mcgruder-season-4-the-boondocks (1)What many will also note is that this situation comes with a bitter irony. The show that is this generations’ epitome of “not selling out” has actually been sold to a high bidder. Unless he still has “some” involvement, Boondocks without its original creator with their hand in the pot screams questionable commercialization. I can be wrong about this, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that a show considered a “sacred cow of non-conformity” may have become entertainment’s most recent example of two-faced turmoil.

Did Aaron McGruder Sell Out, Though?

Did McGruder sell out? Nothing is for certain and nothing lasts forever, that is for sure (peace to Aquemini). What we do know is that the only way this situation will be truly forgotten is if the show is truly ingenious. Even then, there will be many fans that will still question “what could have been”. Many people love The Boondocks. It remains to be seen how much love remains in the careful crafted hilarious that is “supposed” to be associated with this show.

Aaron McGruder, I pray you did not sell out.

[Originally posted at Chocolate Covered Lies]