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Motion Filed to Revoke Marissa Alexander Bond

There were letter writing campaigns and numerous petitions filed with the help of social media all in the interest of justice for Marissa Alexander. Today, however, according to First Coast News (FCN) this may have been all for naught. Why? Because of a motion has been filed by State Prosecutor Angela Corey’s office to have Marissa Alexander’s bond revoked. Tough break for a woman many believe to be the victim of an unjust judicial system.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A motion was filed by State Attorney Angela Corey to revoke the bond of Marissa Alexander.


As a condition of her release, Alexander was to remain on home detention, however the motion sites numerous times she allegedly left her home to run errands.


Alexander was released on bond Nov. 27 while she awaits her new trial for firing a gunshot during an confrontation with her now ex-husband.


A hearing for this motion is set for Friday at 9 a.m.

I’m not surprised by this development. Time and time again, Marissa Alexander has acted like she’s above the law; but sadly, nobody wants to talk about that (you know, violating orders of protection, and going over to her then-husband’s house and getting arrested for assaulting him). Yep, don’t be surprised when folks start running around screaming and yelling about how “the man” is just fucking with her (my bad, I’ve already seen people make excuses for her on Twitter today). And as usual, I expect to see many irrational protests.

I’ve written enough about Marissa Alexander’s case from day one (check out the links to those posts at the end of this one). I don’t feel like rehashing the case or what constitutes a valid Stand Your Ground defense right now — seriously, it gets exhausting. What I will say, though, is that a lot of you who rallied for her should feel disappointed. After all, all she had to do was to do as she was told, but for some reason she didn’t.

Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander

Oh well, y’all better get to work on those prayer circles. I’m not sure how well they will work, because something tells me that she’ll be going back to the Duval County Jail on Friday. But then again, maybe she’ll avoid any jail time. Given the overwhelming support she has, maybe she’s developed a sense of invincibility much like George Zimmerman.

Many of you petitioned on her behalf and in doing so made the point that she should be able to be with her children for the holidays. Well, from where I’m sitting, it’s unfortunate that Marissa Alexander didn’t take being with her children seriously.

Like George Zimmerman, clearly Marissa Alexander continues to execute poor judgement.


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Published on: January 7, 2014

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  • The Real Brother Radio Show

    I disagree with that one. I talked about her on my show today, read the Racist Republic article and played some clips of the Sellout lawyer be on The Carl Nelson Show . First of all she was married to the guy and they both fought each other not a crime. 2nd they said she couldn’t use Stand Your Ground cause she went to get the gun and HAD TO RETREAT when SYG says you don’t have to retreat. 3)It was determined that the garage was locked from the outside and she couldn’t go out that way and as such had to go back into HER HOUSE where SHE LIVES and has every right to be. 4)They say it wasn’t a warning shot cause she missed(that’s stupid) 5) They said she tried to kill all three people with 1 shot and thats’ physically impossible. So she is being railroaded because she’s Black. Sometimes we as Blacks want so bad to believe these Racists aren’t pure Evil but the reality is what it is. TKCAL

  • Aharon Shmarya Yoaz Bennoah

    That motion was settled over a month ago and is a moot issue. We are waiting to the trial so that this monster who shot a weapon at a black man and two black children that were not here’s out of anger is just wrong. To say that she should be let go because nobody got hurt is stupid. She fired the weapon at the brother’s head trying to kill him while he was standing next to his sons. She is not the innocent victim people are making her out to be.