I keep forgetting to set my alarm for early Saturday and Sunday morning to catch Up w/ Chris Hayes. I’m really a fan of Chris; however, waking up very early on Saturday and Sunday morning kinda sucks. Somehow, I was able to get up early without assistance to catch an excellent discussion with two more of my favorite people: Naomi Klein, and Van Jones. The discussion centered on the current Occupy Wall Street movement. As you could expect, I am in full support of this movement. To be honest, I’m somewhat  shocked, that it hasn’t occurred sooner.

Both Klein and Jones make some very good points in relation to giving the current administration a pass. Said pass has subsequently delayed this emerging populist movement; and, as Klein and Jones both note, much of the blame for this falls on the current administration, its many apologists, and D.C. Democrats. Pretty strong critique from Jones especially, considering his work with the administration in recent years. To quote Jones: “D.C. has been stuck on stupid.” Checkout the following clip and let me know your thought’s, will you? Seriously, watch the following clip.

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