I’m really bothered by the fact that our political discourse right now is being dominated by this racist Birther garbage. Seriously, I wish the media spent more time discussing the CPC’s “The People’s Budget” than Trump and the rest of the wack-jobs. I mean birth certificate or not, the fact still remains: the economy is kicking our ass! But I could understand why MSNBC has covered this crap more than CNN or even Fox. The truth is, it’s better to focus on the most polarizing subject that is race in America, rather than the fact that your parent company (General Electric) laid off 21,000 employees, and closed 20 plants in recent years, and also didn’t pay a dime in taxes last year though posting a $14.2 billion profit. Yep, talking about this birth certificate thingy happens to be a pretty good distraction. But not like the distraction of releasing the birth certificate some say it is, or would have you believe.
Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, the only news agency that has waged a relentless investigative campaign on questions swirling around the Obama’s eligibility for nearly three years, was elated at the turn of events.

“We’re gratified that our work has begun to pay off,” he said. “The certificate of live birth is an absolutely vital foundation for determining constitutional eligibility of any president. We look forward to reviewing it like so many other Americans do at this late date. But it is important to remember there are still dozens of other questions concerning this question of eligibility that need to be resolved to assure what has become a very skeptical public concerning Barack Obama’s parentage, his adoption, his citizenship status throughout his life and why he continues to cultivate a culture of secrecy around his life.” (source: WorldNetDaily)But anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about president Obama producing his “long form” version of his birth certificate yesterday. A part of me feels that it was a good move because from here on out those clowns will not be able to say another word about it. Which is total bullshit because even with the birth certificate produced, the loons are still of the opinion that he was born in a Kenyan manger to a virgin white mother (yeah, his daddy didn’t have sex with her; she was pure), and the Three Wise Men showed up and gave little baby Barack the gift of gab, a fake-ass birth certificate, and a basketball, because being on the court is just the thing “the Blacks” do; and do much better then running the greatest imperial nation on the planet.

Then there’s the other side of me that thinks him producing the birth certificate yesterday, isn’t a win. Instead, it’s actually a sign of weakness or bowing down in submission to the ideologically and intellectually bankrupt citizens of the United States. I mean I’ve shown you videos on this site before; you’ve heard them in their own words. Above and beyond being racist, they’re indeed a bunch of ignoramuses. And for me, for my president to bow down – if even symbolic – seriously pisses me off. Yes, so much so that I’m seeing shades of 2008 all over again when they “made him” leave his church of twenty years. I’m not the most religious person in the world, but if a man can be leave his church to appease racist reactionaries who still think he’s Muslim, then…

If I was Barack Obama, before speaking publicly anywhere, I’d walk out to the tune of “Say It Loud (I’m Black And I’m Proud” by James Brown. But then again that might piss off his white side enough to lose votes Still not a bad idea since he had to produce his “long form” slave… oops, I mean freedom papers.

Checkout the reactions of conservatives to the release of the “long form” birth certificate here and here. But in the mean time I gotta ask the following questions: was the release of the “long form” birth certificate a good or bad move? How exactly does this benefit Barack Obama politically? Who won?

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