So he wicked witch of the west, Arizona Governor Janet Brewer, recently asserted that most illegal immigrants are drug mules. A claim that she continues to stand by, and not repudiate; even in the face of fact checking, and liberal truth.

So, since she feels that way, and well because her truth is absolute, let’s take a second to look at the current problem of drug smuggling and the border. Let’s take a look at how most illegal immigrants who do smuggle drugs into the country are financed:

It would be truly interesting to find out if Brewer and Co. have shares in either Wachovia or Wells Fargo. Or, any other bank for that matter; because, well, most banks finance Mexican drug cartels, right?

I mean, if what what she believes is to to be accepted as truth, doesn’t it stand to reason that these banks are just as culpable in said drug smuggling? No word on if she plans to do a commercial and ask banks to do their jobs. Well, because, you know, most Republicans are hypocrites like that.

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