You know at first when I heard and wrote about the right-wing media generated beef surrounding my man Common’s invitation to read poetry at the White House, I thought it was funny. No seriously, it was almost as funny as the accusation of Barack Obama being in the “Whoomp, There It Is” music video. So yeah, I laughed at the notion of Common being this “thug rapper” from Chicago and well known cop killing advocate. But then I saw the following interview with Sarah Palin via Fox, I got pretty heated:

OK, before I continue, first off, I’d like to give a big shout out to Common and Michelle Obama for getting Fox to bring on more Black folks on air in one week than they have all year (click herehere, and especially here to see a slave catcher at work). Alright, so now that I’ve got that out of the way, allow me to get back to Sister Sarah by asking: when the hell did Sarah Palin’s media whoring ass ever listen to a Hip Hop album, much less listened to anything Common has ever done? And this spectacle of American embarrassment had the nerve to say she’s “not anti-rap,” because she “knows the words to Rapper’s Delight.” Yes, that Rapper’s Delight; uh-huh, “to the hip hop, the hippy to the hippy,” rap song from back in the day. Yes, she said she knows the words.

Well Gee, I’m sure Grandmaster Caz of The Cold Crush Brothers really appreciates that, Sarah. Of course I couldn’t help overlooking the slick way you threw in the “there’s no way I’m racist because I have Black friends,” line. Because well, you obviously can’t be white and “down” with Black people unless you can recite the words of that particular song. Which is really messed up, because now I have to call up all my white friends and ask them if they can spit Big Bank Hank’s verse just to be sure they’re not affiliated with the Klan.

It was sickening to watch every one of those clips I linked above and hear the same Fox script; “But it’s the White House, someone like that being there doesn’t reflect American values, not a thug who glorifies killing cops.” Where were all these opinions when Eazy E. was invited to the White House by then president George H.W. Bush, on March 18th, 1991? Oh yeah that’s right; Bush was white, “Fuck The Police” was a joke, and the Obama’s are Black. But yet, such a “vile” rapper does not reflect American values with his lyrics.

I don’t know, and maybe I’m trippin’; but last time I checked they sell crack and coochie not too far from the White House, but yet “certain people” are upset because Common was there? They obviously forgot that the real “thugs” in America work on Wall Street and don’t have record deals. While they’re sitting around pushing the “cop killer” narrative, they refuse to understand, or even at least acknowledge the frustrations of minority youth with the many “killer cops” within many communities across the country, who get away Scott free.

But lemme stop being a dangerous Negro and go do something productive like fry some chicken and eat my watermelon. I’m sorry Massa Charlie, sure didn’t mean to get folk riled up today; I beez a good Negro; I ain’t be got no weapon. But on the real, if I were Common I’d drop an album next week and title it “God Damned AmeriKKKa” and I’d have Rev. Jeremiah Wright do all the interludes, the intro, and the outro. Yep, and my first single would be “Fuck Sarah Palin”. Gosh, where’s Oshea Jackson when ya really need him.