I really dreaded this weekend leading up to the 10th anniversary of the day of the attacks on NYC and the Pentagon and the tragic crash of the plane in PA.  I knew that the media was going to go full tilt with the remembrances, clips interviews, etc. and make pretty much make watching the news and television over the weekend unbearable.

I like many of my  NY’ers woke up to a nightmare that just kept going on September 11, 2001.  Each time I walked by  in lower Manhattan, or looked at financial plaza from the Brooklyn side of the river the nightmare rekindled and the feeling of something not being quite right permeated  the view.  I had no personal need to relive that day and the days immediately afterward  every year ad infinitum. While I respect  the memorialization of those who gave  and lost their lives on that day and the days following, I just did not need to watch the movie, the tv show, the reality show etc. you get my drift.

So I was completely unprepared for the level of depravity exhibited by the Cain campaign in creating a video montage of clips from the WTC attacks, which includes live footage of both planes hitting the towers and images of fallen firefighters being taken out of the wreckage including Father Mychal Judge the first certified fatality of that September 11th.  No but why is this man, Mr. Cain (I use the term Mister very loosely) singing God Bless America in the background?

I am so stunned that I could for a moment not write nor speak. The absolute depravity that would allow someone to view that and think it would be a good idea to use as a CAMPAIGN video defies all known logic.

The images from that video of the scenes from that day both the  live shots  and the stills, are moments in time that are not campaign fodder.  I would like to know how the families of some of the people in this montage feel about being included in a campaign video?  For a used-to-be pizza tycoon?

See I like most know there are despicable, craven and opportunistic assholes in this world, heck I’ve even run into a few every now and again. But this by far takes the absolute cake and brings a whole new level of fuggery to mind.

I know with society the way it is right now the word sacrosanct does not carry much meaning. Many of you reading this might have to go look it up to figure out what I am talking about. These images and that day would fall into that area.  To exploit these images for personal gain –  for your campaign?

If he were any lower he could play handball off the side of a penny.

Can’t even blame Republicans, or the GOP for that although they set the tone for the 9/11 perverse jingoism.

Methinks – in this instance, they have gone way too far.

Footnote: I am not linking to this video – it is on YouTube if you wish to see it I am sure you will be able to find it easily enough. For those of you that are search challenged there is an article that has it embedded you can go here to view that article and the video.



  1. No thanks on the video. I’m sorry after seeing Rudy say 9/11 every third word last election I don’t need to see someone actually attempt to use video for campaign reasons. America was attacked that day Americans lost their lives why and what was being aimed for that day will be argued forever, but to attempt to use that to get a nomination from people who are that gullible

    Never mind, needless to say if Herman Cain wants to be black cover this cycle for the Tea Party so be it, his life, his conscience karma is a MF and I hope he has his asbestos draws on. Past that nice article

  2. I am not going to view the video.  I really think that as a nation we need to be for real about why we were attacked. It wasn’t just due to religious differences.  We were attacked because for too long our international policy dictated that we were international terrorist in the name of democracy.

    When I consider how the people who worked to save lives and find the remains of the victims have been treated–I am ashamed of this nation’s attitude towards them. No health coverage and no true support for the physical or mental illnesses that have occurred since then.  In many respects the failure to provide for them just adds on to the weight of this tragedy.

    I plan on spending today, being mindful that freedom has a high price. The people in the towers on that day paid the ultimate price for America’s invasive policies and true lack of respect for other people’s beliefs. 

  3. Please know that the intention in writing this article was not to promote nor show this tawdry attempt at utilizing a tragedy for political gain. It was to call out and show how low one would stoop in pursuit of  what in their case is unattainable for clearly obvious reasons.

  4. First responders have been treated abominably throughout this entire ordeal and the ultimate slap in the face was given them when they were told they were not invited to the memorial today in NYC because of space constraints? Bloomberg had no problem accommodating politicians that were not there, have no clue and are only in attendance today because of the pr value of being seen at the 10th anniversary – but those who bravely sacrificed more than we can ever conceive of were not welcome. Those who chose to risk their lives to try and save others and who’s lives and families were all impacted and still are impacted were not welcome.

     We have in ten years learned absolutely nothing. The level of ignorance is mind-numbing

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