I Just listened to Sarah Palin’s comments in regard to president Obama going on vacation with Greta Van Susteren. Umm, lady, you quit your job as governor of Alaska to go on a permanent vacation yourself; a paid one at that! Unlike you, at least Obama is working while on vacation with his family. You on the other hand will continue to be an idiot who has nothing to contribute to society at large but the turds that spew from that hole in your face called a mouth.

Oh that’s right; according to Todd Palin, you quite to make more money!

This woman has some nerve identifying and including herself as “the rest of us,” as if she is worried about having a job. Sarah, there’s no way everyday people can identify with you. That is with the exception of the far-right loons who genuflect at your feet as you continue to tell lie after lie. You know, kinda like the lie about the stock market taking a dive because of  president Obama? Since you’re able to see Russia from your house, I figured you’d at least know that economic conditions in Europe is responsible for the unstable market. But then again, I forgot that you don’t red.

Where were all these critics when George W. Bush either called-in sick or showed up hung-over for eight years? Speaking of which: wasn’t that oxygen thief on vacation when he ignored warnings of the 9/11 attacks? Uh-huh, yeah, but yet America’s first Black president has to have pics released of him getting national security briefings just to show white folks you people that he’s still working. See, that’s why I can’t be president. If it was me, I’d release pics of me and my beautiful wife and kids having a ball; and, I might give y’all the middle finger in one of those pics. Yes, I be on some “kiss my ass,” shit real quick. Shit, if they had it their way, Barack would be working for free…

Like all Negroes should.


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