“Don’t worry, I’ll keep smiling as my invisible force-field does the trick!”

Excuse me for being one of the obviously racist 91% of black people who still supports Barack Obama. But dammit I’m kinda mad right now. How in the world can someone throw a book at my black president and get away with it.

I mean, forget that it was probably the action of a pissed off Republican who had a hard time understanding the big words in Sarah Palin’s best seller, ‘Going Rouge’. The fact that someone was able to walk away from this without being accosted is unsettling to me. Awww c’mon RiPPa, the thing didn’t even hit him; it was only a book.

Well sure it was only a book, and yes said book never hit him. And yes, if “if was a fifth we’d all be drunk.” But dammit, what if it was a 40oz bottle or any other projectile known to cause bodily harm? Would it only matter then?

I mean hell, there isn’t enough repect for the president of the United States on American soil, that an object is thrown at him in public?!! Well damn RiPPa, you assholes laughed when Bush had a shoe thrown at him!

You damn straight we laughed! But sorry, Bush’s ass had to duck in Iraq; not America, fool. Hell, I’d expect some pissed off Iraqi to commit such an act of disrespect after being shitted on by the USA., but not here!

Obama hasn’t lied and invaded anyone’s home and killed their relatives all in the name of oil freedom and democracy here in the U.S.. But I suppose when your object of hate happens to be a black guy from Kenya, it doesn’t really matter just where and on what soil he’s standing to do such a thing.

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