I mean I’m just sayin… instead of gettin pissed off at the school and having to hire an attorney. Would it not have made sense to teach your kid that he/she should wear some damn underwear at all times? I’m not trynna make this one a racial thing, but hell, is that how “some folks” roll daily? I mean my mother always reminded me to wear clean underwear just in case I somehow ended up in an emergency room. She used to say she’d hate to have to come to the ER and be told that I was wearing draws with three day old shit stains. What, do we have to tell our kids that they must be sure to wear underwear just in case they take class pictures for the yearbook at school?And to further make me wanna slap this kids mother, pictures of her drinking and having parties with her kid and friends have surfaced on the internet. I’m sorry mom, but when you do shit like that, you have to bge careful of talking shit and threatening to sue somebody. Especially when you’re raising a child in the environment that you have. This old hag better be lucky little Ms. Crotchrot didn’t show up for class pics naked. Shoot, and to ask them to recall the books at the end of the school year? Negro please!!! I mean seriously, what would you do if this were your kid?
QUESTION(S): Do you wear underwear everyday in public? If not, why not?(hat-tip to soulbrother v2 for this rant)

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