No seriously, I really think she does; or at least she did before her debate the other night. Nah man, c’mon, how you gonna say I’m full of shit? You cannot tell me that her behavior in the following clip isn’t crackish:

OK, so maybe that was wrong of me to suggest that she was mentally impaired as a result of drug use. Maybe what we saw above was in fact her being her; and that would be, a Republican?

There’s a common axiom that suggests that one should never debate or argue with a fool. Because when you do, they’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. With that said, I gotta ask: did she think her opponent was hip hop sensation 50 Tyson?

Speaking of which, checkout her reaction in true republican ideologue fashion when confronted with facts. Yeah, can someone call the Wonder Pets for Jan; obviously she’s an animal in “twouble” in Arizona:

(H/T The Political Carnival)