I’m kinda disappointed that the blockage of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is getting more attention than the blockage of the DREAM Act which was also an amendment included in the Defense Authorization Act. Personally, I see them both as equally important, and in dire need of progressive attention.

But like always, Republicans acted as expected in the face of the upcoming 2010 midterm elections. I suppose nothing spells FREEDOM more than a vote to oppose any debate on either issue. Way to go GOP!!!

At first I was somewhat bothered by military service being one of the requirements for a path to citizenship for the approximately 2 million people who stands to benefit from the passage of the DREAM Act. But then I realized that the pursuit of a higher education was also an optional requirement.

So here’s the question: if an “illegal immigrant” who was brought here as child wanted to serve the country in the military, why not allow them a path to citizenship in return? Is military service not recognized as the highest form of patriotic practice?