Because of Social Networking, I don’t even talk to people in real life anymore. Being an actual live talking human being is so 2004. When people in real life try to speak to me, because of social networking, I assume they’re poor, live under a bridge, and will work for food. No seriously, I really do assume that.

Yeah I know that may sound callous, but it is the reality of the worlds within which we live; yes, there are two Americas: one with access to social networking and one without. And in 2010, this is just pathetic, folks.

Think about it, chances are, the very reason you’re reading this site right now is due in large part to a social network site. And that’s the beauty of it; because of social networking, like me, you’re now able to trust people, even if you’ve never met them, nor ever will. And to me, that makes the world a better place, no?

Personally, I think it’s a crime against humanity that so many people aren’t able to access social network sites outside of the occasional office computer block-out. Surely the toothless Appalachian is deprived and are forced to live a horrible and destitute life by not having access to social network sites.

I mean no internet pretty much explains those drunken moonshine nights fueled by meth, and that’s a crime. Speaking of crimes, checkout the following story of what happened down in Mississippi recently:

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