By Folk

It’s the fourth of July. A day of celebration! The day our government officially recognizes the birth of the United States of America! Isn’t it a delightful day? For some… but it really isn’t.

For decades our political leaders discovered how to control our country for the liberty for a select few. A country whose life blood is the middle class has been slowly radiated away by the cancer known as political and corporate financial greed.

A country where the children are used for political gain at all levels of government. Where the “count” of a child is more important than the education of the mind of the child. Where the parent(s) or guardians are easily jailed for the child’s truancy and children have “rights” to television and video games. Where education once set the bar for the world and now the bar must be lowered in order to ensure statistical compatibility (yeah, America now consistently ranks in the 25th – 28th spots on the world scale in education).


A country where corporations who violate the laws and regulations for political contributions are allowed to pollute the living waters of millions and allowed to participate in the assessment of their own penalty fine (yeah BP, Folk looking at you and Lady Liberty is ashamed).

A country where those who use controlled substances are jailed as criminals, akin to murder and rape. Without eradicating the problem at the source, using the excuse as a means to incriminate generations of minorities. Making America home of the largest prison population on the planet (larger than many other countries jail populations combined!).

A country where the required consumption of oil and the want to keep that oil cheap is the political means to veil war in robe of freedom from terroristic threat, covered in political lies and deceit. Where to this day, it is best to continue to throw the bodies of American soldiers on the fire of world oppression for the continued consumption of corporate and elite financial greed. That war ain’t about terrorism, it’s about oil, gold, rare minerals for the creation of next generation batteries, and silver (there’s been a lot of untouched natural resources discovered in Afghanistan since 2007 and corporations are already lining up to rape that country clean).


A country where reciting the pledge of allegiance is considered something that shouldn’t be mandated in the public school system because it might infringe upon the employee’s rights of religious and political freedoms, therefore not allowed. Really? Yes, really. The very “Cradle of Liberty”, as it was once called, Massachusetts won’t allow it’s students or faculty recite the pledge of allegiance.

A country where the political overlords recess for a vacation when over 10% percent of Americans are without work on this American birthday. Those unemployed workers, don’t have a reason to celebrate. The unemployed didn’t have a choice of recess. Those unemployed today are not even wondering why their political leaders are not working on ways to spur economic growth in order to perpetuate the growth of jobs returning them to a status of self worth and personal accountability.

Millions don’t want a hand out. They want to work. They want to be able to eat from the sweat of their hands. Yet, the political elite have better things to do, and that’s to continually feed off the blood of lady liberty like economic vampires in need of constant blood, not worried about the supply of that blood in the future.

The day is coming where the celebration of America’s birthday might be a distant memory. It is said that those who don’t pay homage to history are doomed to repeat it, and it appears that dooms day in imminent.

But America isn’t dead. There is always hope in the present. That hope has often lead to blind faith of the masses, leaving the masses raped at the hands of the pilots of America. But we have the ability if “we” choose to turn things around.

We have the moment and the day. So celebrate Americans the birth of the country that was created in the name of freedom from political oppression. A country that was born in the name of oppression of minorities and colored folks. A country whose beginnings are marred in the blood of the innocent. A country who rose up against all of those terrible things and struggle to bring freedom to the masses. To become a true melting pot. Were women were treated as equals. Where… wait… those are all lies.

America has succeeded in one thing. Veiling the ugly truth behind the flag of freedom.

So in honor of that truth, Folk gives y’all some good ol’ switch and bait American sytle distraction while the real flag of America burns in the oil of financial opportunity.

look at the tiddies and repeat after Folk:

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

You may now return to your right to be distracted….