It’s absolutely, without a doubt, absurd to claim that we live in a post-racial/colorblind society. Many people know how bogus it is. But there are still people who delude themselves. Maybe they’re trying to convince us. Perhaps it’s both. Right now, it’s whatever. The United States is a white racist society that still has a problem with people of color, especially us Negroes. And a lot of white people are sick with it. Period.


During the span of one week alone, we’ve seen more reminders of how far this nation needs to go if it wishes to truly become largely “raceless”.  The first comes in the form of an app you can download called Sketchfactor. This app was developed by a couple of white folks, Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington and it allows people to rate the “sketchiness” of certain areas of major cities. McGuire said that she was motivated after getting lost in Washington D.C., a mostly black city. Now, she lives in New York where, “almost nothing’s sketchy anymore.” People immediately concluded that “sketchiness” refers to black neighborhoods. This app is a nod to the imfamous Ghetto Tracker App produced almost a year ago.


Next, we have a study conducted by Stanford University’s psychologists Rebecca C. Hetey and Jennifer L. Eberhardt that shows that white people are cool with laws that oppress blacks. Jamelle Boule at Slate explains:

Hetey and Eberhardt conducted two experiments, one in San Francisco and one in New York City. In the former, a white female researcher recruited 62 white voters from a train station to watch a video that flashed 80 mug shots of black and white male inmates.


But wait! There’s more!

Unbeknownst to the participants, Hetey and Eberhardt had “manipulated the ratio of black to white inmates, to portray racial disparities in the prison population as more or less extreme.” Some participants saw a video in which 25 percent of the photos were of black inmates, approximating the actual distribution of inmates in California prisons, while others saw a video in which 45 percent of photos were black inmates.


After viewing the mug shots, participants were informed about California’s “three-strikes” law—which mandates harsh

Photo source:
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sentences on habitual offenders with three or more convictions—and asked to rate it on a scale of 1 (“not punitive enough”) to 7 (“too punitive”). Then participants were shown a petition to amend the law to make it less harsh, which they could sign if they wanted.


The results were staggering. More than half of the participants who viewed the “less-black” photographs agreed to sign the petition. But of those who viewed the “more-black” photographs, less than 28 percent agreed to sign. And punitiveness had nothing to do with it. The outcome was as true for participants who said the law was too harsh as it was for those who said it wasn’t harsh enough.

You can read more about the experiment here.


The last and probably the most predictable story is another killer cop drama. The setting is Tulsa, Oklahoma. This involves a couple of cops, a married couple to be precise. Shannan Kepler and his wife Gina Kepler were driving around when they spotted their daughter walking with her date Jeremy Lake. Mr. Kepler asked his daughter what she was doing in that area, and she walked off. Lake told Kepler that he was her boyfriend. That’s when dear old dad took out his gun and shot Lake at least twice. Jeremy Lake was black.


I know some white people are going to come out to tell me how racist this article supposedly is and how I’m painting white people with a broad brush. Here’s the deal. White people, for more years than you care to admit, have painted black people with a broad brush, turning us into one huge, cracked, malformed monolith of black pathology in which only white people can fix. So, it shouldn’t take a whole lot of smarts to realize that black people will likely have a major issue with that.

Frankly, I’m tired and really, I don’t give a shit. Since most white people see us as monolith, don’t act shocked when black people, or any other people of color, do the same thing. We’re just picking up on their method of thinking. Sucks, doesn’t it?


I’m not irritated over slavery, something that happened before any of us was born, the usual excuse why I write what I write. White folks need to get it through their heads that many of us are upset about the shit that’s happening NOW! The events I wrote did not happen during slavery, as if that’s the only horrific event white people seem to remember concerning black folks’ oppression. It happened on the week of August 3rd 2014.

These stories illustrate that white people still have a huge problem with black people. Even if they mask the problem by using crime states and the lame ass ‘black culture’ nonsense, it all boils down to one simple truth: We’re black, and they hate that.

Before you – the ones who believe that I’m wrong and downright evil for writing this – comment and call me and(or) this article racist, let me break something down.


Normally, when you hurt someone in some way, the ideal and humane thing to do is to listen to what’s wrong. Don’t talk. Just listen, or in this case, read. And take it all in carefully without judgments, preconceived notions or prejudices. You know what you did was wrong. And as an added gesture, you make it up with that person. You try to make it right with that person. You fix what you broke as best as you can. And soon, a strong possibility that everything’s cool will surface. It could happen.

White people, as good as they claim to be, will look at the three aforementioned stories and will be pissed off. They will see this is proof that this society still has a long way to go to remedy its problem with racism. Instead, I have a heavy feeling I will get the following kinds of reactions:


When it comes to race and the plight of black people, we instead get a thrashing down. We have our conversations taken over for the sake of those who are not serious making it about themselves and their fragile feelings. Either that, or we are told to shut up and get over it. Or we are told how race is a big deal by people who are agitated over the mere mentioning of the subject.

We are made out to be crazy and are even cursed out. We are accused of being the very people that harmed us in the first place. Racists. We are called horrible names. We are made to feel guilty for bringing it up and feeling emotional about it. We are even beaten or killed if things get that extreme. And you don’t have to be in a hate group to inflict this kind of damage.


The propaganda will continue. Interpersonal racism will persist while institutional racism continues. We will probably see racist app by white people along with other forms of technological racism. The criminal injustice will keep gobbling up black bodies and the public will see it as ‘justice’. More cops will be one of the many causes of our shortening lifespan in this nation, and the public will support it believing that black people murdered by police deserved to die. More and more history books will write out our history, including slavery, while promoting their brand of white heroism. The media will find more and more images supporting negative stereotypes of us due to popular demand, and the audience will take them as the gospels of truth while showing an endless stream of white goodness. Politicians will continue to both ignore our issues or blame America’s problems on us, and they will end up getting votes.

Yet, white people will still wonder why we’re upset. And when we tell them, they still refuse to get it.