So apparently, nobody wants “the gays” to be happy. On this a momentous week as members of the LGBT community and allies are applauding the coming out of soon-to-be NFL football player Michael Sam, one Tennessee state representative, State Sen. Brian Kelsey, introduces a bill that would, well, “Turn The Gays Away” (SB2566). Sen. Kelsey has introduced the bill formally known as “The Religious Freedom Act”, which legalizes discrimination. In doing so, the legislation will allow businesses and persons to refuse goods and services to homosexuals under the protection of religious freedom.

This from Fox 13 Memphis:

A new bill was recently introduced in the Tennessee State Legislature that, if passed, would allow people and businesses to refuse to provide goods and services to homosexuals.


It was filed by State Sen. Brian Kelsey, who represents Memphis and Germantown.


The bill notes that businesses can refuse services and goods only if it furthers a civil union, domestic partnership, or same-sex marriage. The person or business would just have to say it was against their religion.

So if passed, any person or business can legally get away with discrimination based on what Sky Daddy said to a bunch of old farts some several thousand years ago. Yeah, so let’s just say that you were in love with someone of the same-sex, and you wanted to buy a cake that commemorates your first date; your civil union; or marriage, as sanctioned by a state where it’s legal. As a proprietor, I’ll be within my right to say “Hell no, f*ggots! You can’t have any of my Jesus approved cake! Nope, I’ll be damned if my cake goes down the throat of anyone willing to knowingly burn in hell!”

Okay, well maybe not that blunt, but you get the picture.

Sen. Brian Kelsey
Sen. Brian Kelsey

What’s next? Segregated water fountains and lunch counters? As ridiculous as this proposed legislation seems, with Republicans controlling both branches of state government, don’t be surprised if it becomes a reality. Of course, if it does, it’d be struck down in the US Supreme Court.

Jonathan Cole of the Tennessee Equality Project says the bill is making discrimination legal.


“It’s bad for business,” Cole said. “It’s bad for attracting talent that would be offered a job to come and work for a corporation here in Tennessee. When they see bills like this capturing the headlines, it really reflects poorly on the state.”


The TEP is handing out stickers to businesses that say “Equality Means Business”.


The bill was introduced in the House and Senate, but no votes have been taken yet.

And they wonder why we here in Tennessee cannot have nice things.

Watch the video below: