Lemme just go ahead and say it: given the current field of GOP presidential candidates, it’s quite obvious that a premium is being placed on the idiot vote. I’m not sure whether the idiot vote represents itself as a sizable voting block. However, such facts aside, it’s quite clear that “certain people” in America are not happy with the former community organizer turned president of the Untied States. Clearly, he’s just a tad bit too intelligent for the job; and thus, the highest office in the land deserves  someone without a thirst for knowledge, or even the ability to conjugate a verb.

Enter the current traveling circus sponsored by the Republican party! Enter the people not in favor of intelligent life at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Yes, it appears that the White House, though historically occupied by old white men, is no longer the place to be for for smart, bright, intelligent men.

I suppose this would explain the antics of candidates like Herman Cain, or even Texas Governor, Rick Perry for instance. I suppose we have to ask ourselves: are these two men in particular as blissfully ignorant as they’ve shown in recent weeks, or is this all just an act? Now you may think I’m just the typical racist-liberal-asshole picking on a few proud and patriotic Americans. But today on the campaign trail Herman Cain said that what America needs was, “a leader and not a leader,” so I’m sorry, I’m compelled to ask: when and how in the blue f@%k did we get here?!!

More importantly, who is to blame for this nonsense? What, do all Republicans attend those horrible schools built by those racist Democrats in the inner city? You know, the ones which house Black kids destined for failure for whom aspirations of  Harvard Law Review president escape? Surely not all Republicans are forced to live in such intellectual and educational squalor. So, what the f@%k are they teaching y’all muthaf@%kas in the suburbs? And whatever that is, should little Black boys and girls be subjected to it? Should they be forced to live in a world where a premium is placed on ignorance? Of course we’ll never be as “privileged” as “certain people”, but why should we wish we were when being like “certain people” just ain’t the same anymore?

As prideful as we are as Black people — especially given the accomplishments of president Barack Obama — we should come to realize that in this very moment of our post-racialness. That much like in days gone bye, an intelligent Negro is still a threat to “certain peiople” in America. But be that as it may, we do owe it to our ancestors to shine the light of greatness in all arenas as we continue to stake our foothold in society. Let the Herman Cain’s of this world play dumb if they so choose. But do remember, they can never take our pride, our dignity, and knowledge away from us.

Herman Cain should be ashamed of himself as a Morehouse graduate, and a Black man…