“President Obama can’t wait to get Americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care.” -Michele Bachmann

And now we will see just how long the privileged illiterates in Congress can hold their breath to stop the Affordable Care Act, which having been passed by Capital Hill, signed by the President and vetted by the United States Supreme Court, was unstoppable to begin with.

It is rolling out as planned, right on schedule, while the “Get Obama Party” prays to their teabag jesus for glitches and problems in that roll-out, so they can jump up and down and scream that it’s not working.

Meantime, they still get to take their paychecks home to the little lady, their kids won’t miss a day at their private school, and their mistresses and undercover boyfriends will still get to see them at the designated, weekly tryst time, per usual.

All is right with their world….It’s our world that is fucked up and soon to be completely penniless for all of us below the millionaire poverty line level of what…$250,000? If you’re not making that amount of money, you’re considered poor in America these days, it seems..

Most of us don’t, by the way….not even close.

Still don’t think it’s not about the black man in the White House…well…note to the clueless….watch as the teabags make your 401K and pension disappear…..Will no money make you understand that these guys and gals are not looking out for your interests and frankly, don’t give a good goddamn about you and yours…punishing white people for supporting Obama…got that?

Ya’ll all niggas now…get it?

Instead of closing the deficit and cutting spending, thanks to the anal retentive, historically challenged ass holes, we are now each individually hemorrhaging money, personally, daily.

Die poor people, die. The middle class is dead, long live poverty.

Need another clue? Still not sure about your station in life? Check out Gawker.com today. You can find it right here.

It links you to a game called the “Privilege Game” where white boys can play a game about who has the least amount of power and privilege in the United States….In other words, who is at the bottom of the social heap…

(Hint, Hint…it ain’t white boys or white women…unless you’re queer)

The game is set up like an NCAA bracket and all you gotta do is make your choices…a new March Madness with a twist….Pick a winna!

Except this game has been going on since the dawn of this country and it’s name is Bigotry,

It’s easy to see what is real when you’ve been looking up from the bottom all your damn life solely because you’re the wrong color, or gender as designated by the jokesters.

White boys don’t get what they want…game doesn’t go their way…they can’t find a rope and lynch it or take an AK-47 off their back and obliterate it or tie it to the back of their F150 truck and drag it down a dirt road….they first rail at it and hold their breath….then ridicule it and then find some other way to deny it…all the while claiming that they are just joking…that they are really not the vile bigoted ass wipes that some of us know them to be…

It’s easy to see what is real when you’ve been looking up from the bottom all your damn life solely because you’re the wrong color, or gender as designated by the jokesters..

Except the joke is never on them…only on us…

All as a way of showing that they are still in charge of the universe..

The privilege game…playing since 1619,…where the motto is…

“if we can’t have it…neither will you”

Yep…last darkie out, turn off the lights…