Long time Hip Hop historian, social activists, and host of Hard Knock Radio, my man Davey D, weighs in on the Occupy Oakland movement. In the following he talks strategy and goals of the Occupy Oakland movement. As he notes, the Occupy Oakland movement comes on the backs on the long list of activist efforts for social change in Oakland, California. As expected, the mainstream media completely and egregiously ignores the significance of the movement, and instead, they’ve focused on the counter strategy of the local police department. A department with a well known history.

In doing so, most notably is the fact that they ignored the successful Oakland Strikeout Day, that managed to shut down one of this country’s most important shipping ports. This is democracy in action, folks. This is what is supposed to happen between elections; and it’s been a long time coming. Big ups to Davey D, and all the brave souls of the Occuipy Oakland movement. At this point, if you don’t understand what this is about. It’s simply because you don’t care to. You can follow Davey D. on twitter at @mrdaveyd. Get up, get ibnvlved, and get into it; your life depends on it.

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