This year, I made a pledge to myself that I was not going to feature what I call mugshot stories. That would be, stories in particular that feature people of color being arrested for doing dumb shit. Yes, the internet is filled with those type of stories and there’s no need for me to add to the ongoing onslaught of negrodom; or, any attempts to make black folks look bad, thus reinforcing certain racial stereotypes.

However, when someone sent me this story I was dumbfounded. Embarrassed? Unlike some of my “cousins”, hell to the no! Why? Because black folks aren’t the only ones eating chicken. Yes, contrary to popular belief, white folks eat chicken too — what, did you think all they ate was Cheese Wiz? Besides, for all I know these dudes could have been just some flunkies working for “the man”. Now, if they stole $65,000 worth of Watermelon; then yes, I’d be embarrassed as hell. I mean, after all, why should white folks be made to suffer a shortage of watermelon because pf two greedy yet opportunistic brothas?

This from ABC:

A pair of workers at a frozen food distribution center outside of Atlanta, Ga., made off with $65,000 worth of frozen chicken wings earlier this month, according to cops in Gwinnet County.

chicken_wings_stolen(1)Dewayne Patterson and Renaldo Jackson, who both worked at the Nordic Distribution Center, allegedly backed a rental truck up to the back of the loading area at the center and loaded 10 pallets of Tyson frozen chicken wings onto the truck. The pair then made off with the poultry, but were seen by management, according to a police report obtained by ABC News.

Investigators at the Gwinnet County police department arrested Patterson, 35, and Jackson, 26, a week later, on Jan. 23.

They each face felony theft charges.

Police did not yet know the status of the wings.

Yeah, what happened to all those chicken wings? As broke as black folk are these days, don’t be surprised if the good white folks of Gwinnet County, Ga. are all going to have some pretty awesome Super Bowl parties this year. That said, maybe these two guys are disgruntled Atlanta Falcons fans.