On a personal level, I never really “cared” for Nick Cannon. While he does have his moments of being funny, he never came off as overall appealing to me. Wild N’Out was, and still is, a show that brings laughs. He is also a successful businessman. Still, there has always been something that kept me from taking him as serious as I would want to.

Then I realized what it was: he had a tendency to come off as corny as hell.

This corniness should have been the first thing noted when he did his “whiteface” rendition to advertise for his new album. I guess he is working on his marketing pitch for his music. Then again, with a title like White People Party Music, you have to think his music is either satirical parody or just stupid. I’m hoping for the former and not the latter. In all interests, this album better be formally majestic or funny as hell.

nick-cannon-white-face-racist (2)I mean, let’s be honest: the only song I ever liked from him was “Giggolo”. I only cared for that song because the Pied Piper of Piss R Kelly produced it and did the hook.

Sadly, a lot of white people found this to be “racist” and insulting. I understand their disposition.

Still, I cannot fully subscribe to the outrage. And I am going to tell you why.

Nick Cannon Was Not Being “Racist”

White people can’t feel that he, Nick Cannon, is being racist because there is no inferiority complex to be made from this situation. True, it can come off as insulting and a bit much. However, do you think any white person is going to lose any sleep or become a statistic because Nick Cannon dressed up as a lame skater guy? Does anybody think that there is going to be massive outbreaks of racial profiling, political insults masked as professional jargon, and even the erasing of European influences from the aspects of American culture?

Honestly, nothing bad is going to happen because a cornball wanted to actually show how much of a cornball he truly can be.

Plus, this isn’t the first time an African American appeared in Whiteface. Dave Chappelle did this already. So, it is what it is.

But Nick Cannon Made a Poor Choice

Yet, his choice of advertisement still can be considered “wack” and even “insensitive”. Let us face it: the mess is rather stereotypical. You can tell by the hashtags of “beer pong”, “cream cheese eating”, and “racial draft”. We all know that Nick was trying to be funny. Nonetheless, his attempts still reek from the heaping bowl of fail flakes that he must be eating right now.

Nick Cannon 3

Think about it like this: Robert Downey Jr. used Blackface to his advantage in Tropic Thunder. Many wanted to actually say something about his performance (especially Black people). But here is the thing that Nick Cannon’s performance does not coordinate with in reference to Robert Downey Jr.: Nick Cannon was not humorous. Robert Downey Jr. was not only uproariously hilarious; he also looked like a Black man. I guess Nick forgot that he actually needed to be funny.

Nick Cannon Likes to Party with White People

People, don’t take this too seriously. In actuality, take this as another failed musical attempt by a highly successful Black man that can be excessively corny. I love Nick Cannon for what he has done with his life. I love the fact that he has made it happen AND married Mariah Carey. Still, he does not entertain me in most cases. This scenario is just another example as to why he has always seemed slightly lame in my eyes.

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