For those of you who’ve been living under a rock (or with more productive and pressing things to think about), here’s a summary of events: back in 2010 Beyoncé’s father and former Svengali-like manager shared the milk of human kindness, and sperminated a woman outside the confines of his 30 year marriage to ex-wife Tina Knowles which, reportedly, precipitated the demise of their marriage and his estrangement from Beyoncé – who terminated her professional relationship with her father.

The woman in question, Alexsandra Wright – described as a 40-year-old Canadian-born actress – began an affair with the then-married Mathew Knowles sometime in the late 2000s (which lasted for 18 months), resulting in the birth of  Beyoncé’s half-brother Nixon Knowles, in 2010. Since details of the Mathew’s indiscretion and divorce hit the media, Wright (who managed to cultivate a relationship with Celebrity Fit Club’s sullen drill sergeant, Harvey Walden) has been enmeshed in a public child support battle with Knowles; first releasing some histrionic statement in 2013, outlining the details of her past relationship and current dispute with Mathew (who has since remarried) and apologizing to Tina, Beyoncé, and sister, Solange, for ‘causing them pain.’

This past February, Alexsandra Wright appeared on Inside Edition in her first interview with 4-year-old Nixon, where she alleged that Mathew hadn’t seen their son and that the Inside Edition journalist, Jim Moret, had seen more of Nixon during the course of the interview, than Mathew had. She also claimed that she had to file for public assistance due to Mathew’s refusal to pay $32,000 in court ordered child support,

“I tried everything to not have it public, but unfortunately, that’s just not the way that Mathew chose to deal with this,” she said. “I don’t expect Beyoncé to take accountability, it’s not her problem… it’s not her situation.” [No shit, Sherlock.]

Yet Wright has managed to invoke the mega pop-star’s name – or at least exploitative media outlets have prompted her to – during every interview and story; including alleging that Mathew suggested that she hand their son over to Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z so they could raise him as their own.
Last year, Mathew claimed he had, in fact, paid Alexsandra child support (though the payments were late); and was recently let off the hook and given credit by a judge who said that the manager had actually ‘grossly overpaid’ in the past. Knowles, who’d been paying Wright $12,000 a month, got a judge to reduce his payments to just over $2,000 a month due to his cash cow firing him for being trifling a drop in his income. In short, Knowles won’t have to pay anything for the next 2½ to 3 years.

knowles-trailer-park (1)So what of this messy scorned ‘side-chick’ and shady cat daddy tale, now? Alexsandra Wright has been receiving $300 in food stamps and was forced to move from her 3-bedroom home, into temporary housing in a trailer park (via the help of a homeless support group) with her so  and has, apparently, been besieged with death threats from crazed Beyhive stans. In another Inside Edition interview, Alexsandra says some of Beyonce’s rabid fans have branded her a gold digger who’s trying to hook her claws in the singer’s money and have threatened her life.

Listen, I’m not one for engaging in respectability politics, but perhaps this should serve as, yet another, cautionary tale for men and women who throw caution to the wind and engage in these sorts of clandestine, non-poly relationships (when one or both parties are married). And while Beyoncé stansAlexsandraWrightEvicted are out of order for the purported death threats, other more rational folks would be hard-pressed to feel any empathy for Alexsandra, since she’s complicit in her current problems. Listen, she’d been getting $12,000 a month before a judge reduced it (which is way more than what most single-mothers can ever expect or hope to receive during child support disputes). And while having to uproot her beautiful home undoubtedly sucks, the fact that she’s downsized to a trailer with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and wall-to-wall carpeting is, again, way more than what many low income and/or unemployed single-mothers – especially Black single-mothers – get. And it’s a living situation that’s common among most working-class Americans with jobs.

Homeless mothers like Shanesha Taylor have very few resources, and are forced to make even tougher decisions while struggling to sustain their livelihoods for the sake and health of their children and to just… survive; but are criminalized exercising the few risky choices they have. I’m sure they’d be grateful for the prompt intervention of a housing support group and that trailer. And the way the media and social critics have attempted to project Mathew Knowles’s transgressions onto his oldest daughter and use her name to sensationalize this woman’s story, is disreputable and unfair. Itemizing Beyoncé’s accomplishments and mentioning her net worth doesn’t invalidate the fact that her father is the deadbeat who’s accountable for having conceived a child while still married and that it’s him who has, for all intents and purposes, abandoned that child. It’s not her or her sister’s issue to resolve, and they’re well within their right to not extend themselves to Alexsandra Wright which, unfortunately, means not meeting their half-brother.

The jury is still out on why Alexsandra hasn’t had any acting work since the early 2000s or whether she assumed her relationship and a child with Mathew would set her up for life. How she resolves to (financially) care for her son until Mathew is ordered to resume child support payments remains to be seen; particularly since pandering to the media hasn’t done much for her situation.

Mathew Knowles, on the other hand, seems to have taken an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to co-parenting his young son and has moved on to a new life with his second wife… and moving on relatively quickly before tying up loose ends, seem par for the course for many men, especially deadbeat adulterers of Mathew’s ilk. Hopefully Alexsandra manages to get back on her feet, but the only person losing in this entire shit-show is 4-year-old Nixon Knowles, no thanks to his parents.