I’m fighting a headache, a pain in my right temple. It’s been kicking my ass for days. And what I’ve heard this week will likely turn it into a full-on migraine.

George Zimmerman, the snake who took down Trayvon Martin a couple of a years ago, has announced that he’s taking up boxing. Not only that, he’s being promoted by well-known promoter Damon Feldman who’s the mastermind behind several celebrity boxing matches.

Let me remind you that Feldman is promoting George Zimmerman, the same George Zimmerman who murdered an unarmed black teen. Please note that this is the same man who thought Trayvon Martin looked ‘suspicious’ which, if you’re familiar with coded language, meant that he was a black male – wearing a hoodie. And don’t forget, Zimmerman ultimately shot Trayvon to death and, in the end, walked a free man. Let that marinate for a minute.

Now, we get the news that Zimmerman’s opponent will be DMX. Sources state there were literally thousands of takers. (Why DMX was chosen is anyone’s guess.) This was revealed on Trayvon’s birthday. He would’ve been 19. Think about that.

Does Zimmerman deserve an ass whooping? Hell yes. But to profit off of the death of a teenager through a celebrity boxing match (Since when did Zimmerman become a celebrity?) is a money-making venture that slaps the faces of all who boldly ask the question why. Why the fuck is there a boxing match where one of the challengers is a child murderer???

Forgive me. I’m trying to convey my thoughts and feelings on this. But there’s no way one can rationalize this attempt to turn a crime into something you would see on a WWE program. You have a murderer of someone’s child about to fight a rapper who, himself, if fighting his own demons all for the sake of big bucks. Although, now that I think of it, it’s none too surprising. We live in an age where MTV’s Jackass-like behavior is advertised in today’s (bastardized) reality-driven media. A killer versus a druggie will probably be looked upon as “pushing the envelope” as there’s never been a real life killer boxing on TV before.

Think. Think about what this match is saying. Think about what it would mean if it’s watched. Think about the family and friends of Trayvon Martin still grieving from his death. But alas, I fear some people would prefer not to think. Some people prefer to be entertained than to use their brains and see what’s really going on. They would rather get excited than get pissed at something clearly morally wrong.

dmx-zimmerman (1)If this match is still on in the near future, no doubt there will be people tuning in. On one side, you will have Zimmerman supporters/fans. Some of whom will enjoy seeing him take down another black man. Since his opponent is a rapper with drug and emotional problems and have had run-ins with the law, it will be sweeter than candy.

On the other side, you will have DMX fans who want to see Zimmerman’s ass beaten or worse. For them, it’s a dose of long overdue vengeance. They see this as the next best thing to justice for Trayvon.

But understand this, George Zimmerman will still be a free man. Even if he loses his little celebrity match, he will still walk out with his honorary white privilege card intact. The spectacle will end in a few rounds, but it will leave deep wounds for all of us.