I am one of ‘those people’.….you know the type. When beliggerent little brown folks scatter about and behave a bit extra I can’t help but to turn my nose up.

Now, please believe, I am not one sided with my side-eye, I’ll quickly funk face a rude, loud White woman as quickly as I will check an outlandish Asian bitch online at Whole Foods.

Quite simply, I look down upon bad behavior.

Now, I realize that since we all live on Earth, no one is obligated to behave in any type of way that I find pleasing.

And I can live with that, because I know for a FACT that I was one of the LOUDEST, RUDEST, and most OBNOXIOUS young people that you would ever have the misfortune of running across. I took pride in it, actually.

But isn’t that a part of what young people do? A hallmark of youth is the limitless opportunities to shake up society by being loud, aggressive, unabashed…rebellious to a point.

However, who the fuck are the DEMON SPAWN wandering around the world these days? I know every group clucks their tongue at the actics of the generation before them but these days (sounding like my Gramma) kids/teens think it’s okay to reach out and put their hands on people!

You can talk all you want, but just don’t put your hands on me….I’m sure you’ve heard that line before.

Now, we all  know what MIGHT happen when we go around putting our hands on another person, don’t we? It all depends on who you touch.

You might get arrested.

OR you might catch the right one-like Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards did when they chose to step behind a McDonald’s counter and attack cashier Rayon McIntosh.

The attack which was caught on video has been makings its way around the internet. McIntosh , 31, who spent ten years behind bars for killing his friend says he was trying to do his job and the girls attacked him.

The video clearly shows one of the women smacking McIntosh across the face, before jumping over the counter in pursuit of him, the other girl walks behind the counter where they force their way further into the store where they THINK they are about to jump on this man’s back.

However, MrIntosh is now sitting in Riker’s Island and his future is at a standstill while public opinion tries his actions about what happens next.

Were those girls wrong for putting their hands this man? Hell, yeah!

Was McIntosh wrong for smacking the dog shit outta these broads with a metal bar? Hell, no!! Punks jump up to get beat down!

I don’t know people, I’ll leave this one to you.

Do you get what you get when you choose to put your hands on people or should McIntosh have reacted in a more non-aggressive manner?

Remember what your mother told you to do when someone puts their hands on you? Depending on where you were raised (ghetto or suburbs) I’ll propose that answer could be either A) Beat the brakes off their asses or B) run go tell someone ‘in charge’.

What say you?

Did Rayon provide these homicidal young women with ‘lip smacking good’ service or should he have contained himself?
Given the fact that he has already taken a life, I say these chicks were fortunate to get the light retaliation they got. That’s what yo ass gets!!!


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Outspoken, spunky and coming out of left field, the infamous Tracy Renee Jones is a 2005 Cum Laude graduate of New Jersey City University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Law. Also member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society, she worked a duel career life as a para-professional during the day and an adult performer at night while perusing her education. Her writing interests include the undesirable subjects of Prisoner Rights, Child Abuse and Exploitation, Adoption, Sexuality, Human and Intercultural Relations and Politics. She writes for several online publications including the Examiner, Beyond Black and White, Clutch Magazine, The Trippie Hippie and The Kinky Courtesan. She is a featured contributor to the sex positive digital Corset magazine where she explores fetish, stereotypes and erotic presentation for women of color. Her book of poetry Me: Being Anonymous: A Book of Cursed Poem and Verse is available on Amazon for purchase. Writing from an emotional place and with a personal touch, TRJ likes her debates the same way she enjoys.....rough, uncompromising and often.