I have yet to see the new George Lucas film Red Tails. From what I’ve heard, it’s a pretty awesome movie which captures the struggle of the Tuskegee Airmen in a pre post-racial America. You know, back in the days when Black folk were just animals fresh off the plantation destined for failure due to a lack of role models, work ethic, or discipline? I’m sure you’ve heard of those good old days from some old person in your family. And depending on your race, said old person’s story will be muddled with inaccuracies. If you’re Black, you’ll hear lies about the greatness of Black people filled with fantasies of Black achievement. If you’re white, said old white person (who was there), will tell you nothing but the truth as it relates to the inferiority of the Negro in America. Like I said, your perspective of the “good ole days” depends solely on who you talk to and their race. One thing for sure though, they’ll be honest.

"Just Look At This Pimp." - Newt Gingrich

Speaking of honesty, I had the opportunity to catch MSNBC’s coverage of the Florida Primary last night. Today I’m thankful that I opted to watch said coverage, because I feel like having done so, I’m more wiser. At one point last night MSNBC decided to bring a very brave white man who supports Newt Gingrich onto their program to talk about Newt’s racially coded rhetoric on the campaign trial.

Being the race-baiters that they are on that network, I guess they just couldn’t pass up Newt’s characterization of president Obama, as he “entertainer-in-chief.” Now I applaud MSNBC for getting as close to the source of this comment as they could. To them I’m eternally grateful for their journalistic diligence. Of course them being the race-baiters they are, they had no idea that they would be so helpful to the Black community; not with this interview, at least.

By bringing on Rick Tyler (a very kind and mannerly white man who happens to be running Newt’s Super PAC) I now realize that if only for the sake of my children and not my race, I must see the movie Red Tails. You see, in what some of you may call a contentious exchange with those evil MSNBC hosts — namely the one called Al Sharpton — Snyder informed us that Newt’s Super PAC recently hosted a screening of the movie in Jacksonville, Florida. And according to Snyder, this was a great thing! It was, because it allowed African American military personel the opportunity to bring their kids out to see a movie chock full of Black role models. You know, something Black kids never had before the release of this particular movie? Hard to believe for some of you, I’m sure. However, like I said above, such truths, otherwise referred to as pears of wisdom, are only dependent upon with whom you speak. That said, I’m sure most of you Blah people would prefer seeing a movie wherein some lowly Black person gets adopted a hand out from some welathy white person. But sadly, movies like The Blindside does the Negro no good; because, it promotes dependence upon government. Which as you know, runs counter to the very Republican ideal of personal responsibility. I mean think about it: just how far will those poor Black kids get if they spent their lives looking for a rich white woman to care for them? After all, there aren’t that many rich white women to go around. Heck, somebody has to focus on adopting starving African children, no?Having said that, forget Black History Month and all the lies about role models and Black achievement. Thanks to George Lucas, MSNBC, and especially Rick Tyler. We now know that the future of our race depends on whether you see the movie Red Tails or not. Forget all the political talk of Negro agitators like Rev. Al Sharpton and his white liberal owners who are the Obama-loving media elite. That’s right, unlike the Republican party who has made all attempts in an ongoing effort to emancipate Negro minds from political indentured servitude at the hands of Democrats. Who we as a people Americans should be seeking advice from, are men the likes of Newt Gingrich; because, it is only he who can save us from our demise of perpetual economic slavery here in the United States. Screw you Rev. Sharpton; I happen to like eating blueberry pie and getting it on my face.

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    now u know u negroes sit around aborting babies and collecting food stamps LOL

  • But Rippa, he tweeted me last night he didn’t mean  it THAT way. Not  in the offensive way.

  • He said that? LOL!!!

  • hell yes, straight from my feed
    thee_stupid: @rickwtyler How dare u say blacks have no role model! We have the White House, something ur racist behind will never attain!!11:10pm, Jan 31 from
    rickwtyler: @thee_stupid @@rickwtyler didn’t say that 11:11pm, Jan 31 from Mobile
    thee_stupid: @rickwtyler @ I heard you, I saw you, if u are #Newt’s senior advisor & not a parody acct, u are not only racist but a deluded liar!
    Rick Tyler @rickwtyler@thee_stupid @@rickwtyler did not mean to imply no role models. I was reacting to the race baiting charge. Did not mean to offend. 11:22 PM – 31 Jan 12 via Mobile Web · Details

  • Yep, those evil liberals sneak into the homes of pregnant Black women and abort their babies. LOL!

  • Good for you for taking it to @ricktyler the way you did! I’m still trying to understand just wjhat way he meant what he said. SMH

  • Thanks Rippa and thanks for this article illustrating and exposing how ignorant @rickwtyler , Newt’s super Pac leader is.Keep up the good fight. I appreciate checking ur blog everyday.

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    Nice blog. But you know that we must watch Red Tails or Lucas won’t have enough money to stop Newt from building a Moon colony of Stormtroopers.

  • Red Tails was decent. Not great, not very good but not horribly bad.

    Republicans must try to run up their advantage among white voters and will use every dirty trick in the book to do so.

  • How you been, brother?

  • Working hard.. Rippa..working hard…