I’m here with yet another quick post-racial update for you readers. Yep, I’m here once again to show just how much things have changed for the better here in America. As you know, and as I’ve shown time and time again, the election of America’s first black president almost four years ago, has ushered in a new era of racial solidarity, and harmonic bliss among fellow Americans.

That said, let’s take a look at yet another fine example, this time, from Inglewood, California’s Century Academy of Excellence — yes, a charter school; an institute to whom the education and social development of children has been entrusted.

This from KTLA:

NGLEWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — A student at Inglewood’s Century Academy of Excellence was kicked out after her mother complained about an alleged racial slur by a teacher.

Brea Persley, 13, says her science teacher told her in front of the whole class last week to “sit your nappy-headed self down.”

“When the kids started laughing, it brought back the memories of when I was in 4th grade and kids used to laugh at me and tease me,” Persley told KTLA.

Teacher Kelly Dempsey called the family and apologized about the comment.

But when Brea’s mother Shronda Williams requested a meeting with school principal Giselle Edman, there was no apology.

Williams said the principal told her she was “happy” the teacher made the comment and that “bad things need to happen to mean kids.”

Edman then expelled the 13-year-old from the school, Williams said.

In a letter to Williams, the school said her daughter was banned “due to the fact that you scolded the principal.”

Check out the video below:

As I see it, this charter school shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this, but what say you?

  • DonImus

    Whats the full story?  What did the kid do aside from obviously needing to be told to sit down and stop disrupting the class? Or are you saying out of nowhere the teacher went ballistic and jumped to sit your nappy head down?  The kid was in trouble for excessive tardiness, gum chewing and fighting. Charter schools don’t tolerate those who keep impacting other kids who are working hard to learn.

    The way I see it there are two sides to this and the mother has said nothing about her childs behaviour and impact on the other kids, yet is focusing on some trite comment. The kids does have nappy hair and odds are moms has said this to her.  If she is worry about being embarassed maybe she should think about what all the teachers and other parents and kids feel about her daughter being disruptive and violent in school.  Instead she will focus on a comment and not what her daughter did, the kid will continue to be a problem because its how they reacted to you, not what you did.

  • ClamydiaJones

    Gisselle Edman the principal told the mom Bad things need to happen to mean kids. There is a lot more to this story than some off the cuff comment.    Brea Presley of course has a different name than Moms Shronda Williams. Somehow I suspect ole “Shoranda”:  wasn’t raisin her daughter to be respectful courteous and accountable.  Call it a hunch.

  • Lemme ask: should the child’s behavior predicate or justify the use of a racially charged insult by the teacher?

  • Her father is also in the video, but I suppose that means nothing to you because obviously having to be told to sit down by a teacher means you’re a product of bad parenting, right?

  • Reggie


    I don’t know RiPPa, but a couple times while speaking with people I’ve thought the same thing; however, I just used my INSIDE voice.

  • ClamydiaJones

    Do you often make these disconnected leaps of logic?  Her father was in the video and being told to sit down means you are a product of bad parenting? Ummm…no, read the article you wrote about. She was in trouble for various other things and the mother has said not one word about her child’s behavior. Nor did she pull her child from the school but she sure did complain and call the news when she thought her chile was called something bad.  Is telling a kid with nappy hair to sit their nappy head down bad?  Only in bizzaro world.  The mother isnt’  embarassed that she has a disruptive violetn kid in school that is so bad the principal wants her out and a black principal at that. Nope it all comes down to one comment that a teacher made DURING her childs continued misbehaviour.  

    What are you trying to prove? That the kid is justified for being who she is and what she is because the teacher finally snapped and said something that some mindless idiot who has his “oh no you didn’t radar on can forget all about her actions and just focus on the teachers words?

    Lets play this forward, the teacher maybe should have pushed to have the kid expelled at the third instance of misconduct. But that didnt’ happen. So are you saying the teacher should be held accountable for some ridiculous political correcteness?  What does the kid learn? How many other kids are still going to be impacted?  Charter schools aren’t playgrounds or daycare centers, if she doesnt want to learn and her dad who appeared on video therefore must be a good dad can’t change her, then he should pull her out of school and have her attend a school that fits her better and stop wasting the teachers time as well as all the other students in her class.   real parents teach children how to be adults, not get outraged over nonsense when they started the problem to begin with. Makes for a miserable life.

  • DonImus

    Maybe if you stopped focusing on looking for the next potential offense of someone using words you don’t like you might see another black kid in trouble not able to comply with school rules who will more than likely not do well if this behaviour continues.   Who does it serve to focus on a teachers attempts to get an obviously unruly student to behave rather than the unruly students behaviour.     This hyspersensititivy to nonsense does nothing but make people seem out of touch with what is really important.   By the way, she has a nappy head. So what.    If that is the most important thing to you in this story you really missed the big picture.

  • Stupid, her father acknowledged his daughter being in trouble before.

  • ClaymidiaJones

     Stupid? If you say so.