Umm, you tell me…Oh well, at least North Carolina is doing something to close the racial gap in this country. Forty acres and a mule? Sheeeeeeeit! Who knew that all it was gonna take to fix things would be furniture? My only one question would be: where was the White woman? Oh and did that Negro say that he likes to pump iron? Umm, I’m sorry homie, but I think the only iron you push would be a metal fork. Yeah and why does Richard aka Bighead look so ashy? What, there’s racial harmony in North Carolina but no lotion? Personally, I think this commercial should run on every station. Yes, it’s about damn time a Black man gets to sleep on a White man’s couch in America. Or, where a Black man can lay down on the job and not get fired for it?
I don’t know about you, but I’m now thinking of moving my family to North Carolina.Thank you Red House!
*looking around nervously*

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