My favorite “Respectable Negro” of all time, Chaucey DeVega, has an awesome post up which addresses the new viral video smash making the rounds on the internet that satirizes Barack Obama [read here]. In a parody of Hip Hop’s latest epic fail emcee slow-bus-sounding, “I dropped out at kindergarten,” Waka Flocka Flame. The producers of the video cleverly extrapolate the perceptions held by many of Obama’s success.

Check it out:

Now, I offer no apology to the members of the black delegation for finding humor in the above video. Yes, I realize that some of you are still shaking your heads after watching that. But as a a person with a penchant for the tragicomic, and a love for everything Aaron McGruder, I laughed my black ass off at the above video. I mean let’s be honest, isn’t this how “certain people” have viewed the man who sleeps in the White House?

Moving right along because there’s a point to this post, checkout the following video that I also found to be hilarious. I discovered it over at a blog I stumbled upon last night called Angry White Dude. Um, yeah, with a blog name like that you can only imagine the racism content or the political leanings of Mr. White Dude:

I found this to be just as funny as the Baracka Flocka Flame video. I mean, it’s not like racism isn’t a marketable commodity in America, right Tea Party/GOP? Yes, racism too can be a consumer commodity much like the White Woman Workout exercise video. Hell, Angry White Dude thought it was funny and had this to say about it in response:
One question I have for Ty Bowmann. Is it exercise combined with racism as you say? Or is it exercise combined with experience and common sense? Let’s not split hairs here, Ty. Look at the crime data about black men attacking white women and then compare the crime data of white men attacking black women. Go ahead, I’ll wait. The numbers become even more meaningful when one considers black men make up less than 6% of the US population. Even then, some of that 6% are the very young and elderly. I don’t think it’s racism if white women avoid black males. I’d say it’s pretty damn good sense…according to crime data. Still, pretty funny video.Yes, Angry White Dude saw the racism and of course found it to be funny just like I did. But of course I’m neither angry or white, so the humor of the video is and was internalized differently by the both of us. Which is funny because I doubt members of the black delegation upset and disappointed with Baracka Flocka Flame, feels the same way about Ty Bowman’s video, wherein the joke is on the white women, and not black men.