I’ve really been cracking up this week at just how Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have been both fighting over Ronald Reagan’s legacy; or, which one of them Reagan would choose today to give him a blowjob. OK, so that may be a little bit extremist of me; lord knows the 12th commandment forbids anyone from speaking ill of Saint Ronnie.

Yep, you know the same guy who as president did something that today’s GOP politician would consider sacrilege? Uh huh, Reagan raised taxes something like eleven times. Yep, seven times in his first term, and four more times in the second when he did’t have to according to former GOP Senator, Alan Simpson. Don’t believe me, just ask Douglas Brinkley, the historian who edited Reagan’s memoir who said the Reagan anti-tax zealot was “false mythology.”

But let today’s GOP tell it, Reagan did this because he was envious of rich people; so naturally, he went the class warfare route. Yep, and he did this while adding more to the federal deficit than any other president in history before him. No seriously, most of that current fifteen Kazillion dollar debt came from Reagan; but, nobody ever says that. Nor do they mention how unemployment rose to 10.8% after Reagan’s 1981 tax cut. Why they never mention this? See the GOP 12th commandment.

But no, president Obama has been bouncing checks left and right in the name of the United States of America; all the while pawning the country’s future to the Chinese. And mind you, these are the same people who would love nothing more than to start a war with Iran over what? Their right to turn on a light switch or two powered by electricity from a nuclear power plant. But naw, they tell us that they’re building a bomb over there and their intent is to wipe little cousin Israel off the map.

Which is pretty fucking stupid because it isn’t like Israel and Iran aren’tneighbors. I mean, wouldn’t dropping a bomb on them be sorta like lighting a stick of dynamite in your own house in an attempt to kill a fucking cockroach? I don’t know, I could be wrong, but then again, I’m no Republican. Speaking of which, take a few minutes to check out this classic from one of my favorite comedians, the late George Carlin. In the following clip, he tells the truth about Republicans and in particular, something about the Reagan administration that is never mentioned; at least not by Republicans.

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  • Timmyblook

    The quickest route to Israel from Iran would take you through Iraq then Jordan, roughly 1000 miles, a similar distance from my country Scotland and Spain for example.

    People in Scotland in no way feel Spain to be in their backyard or in any way their neighbour.

    Maybe coming from a country as vast as the USA a distance of 1000 miles might seem negligible, but I can easily imagine that Israel, sitting on the Mediterranean ocean with the Red Sea to its south, might seem pretty far off to Iranians way out in Persia.

    That said, I don’t fault you for being dubious about the Western framing of the Iranian Nuclear threat to Israel.
    It seems more likely the real concern is about losing control of the region in more concrete and general terms, rather than fear of a state hell bent on annihilating Jews.

    But then again who the fuck knows…?

  • Vangel

    The two countries are quite far apart my friend. But you don’t have to resort to that argument about the bomb. Why not just point to the Mossad investigations that show that Iran was not trying to build a bomb?

    Also note that every Iranian politician will be clear about one thing. The agreement did not stop Iran from building a bomb. While that may set off the warmongers in both parties what that actually means is that as good Muslims who are faithful to the Old Testament and the teaching of the prophet Jesus, there is no way to justify building a weapon that cannot be targeted against specific targets and kills innocent women and children. The irony is that the so-called Christians have forgotten what Jesus actually said in the New Testament about peace and love. They see all Muslims to be as immoral as Truman, who went against the recommendations of his generals and dropped bombs on two Japanese cities full of civilians. (One of which was the Christian centre of Japan.)