You know Nas said it right “HIP HOP IS DEAD.” As a result we’re forced to listen to the same garbage 15 times every hour. The stations try to get you to “Keep it Locked” by having some stupid giveaway every 30 minutes or so. Even that gets boring. you can only hope that an idiot would call in with the most absurdly wrong answers just to make you laugh. If the music wont keep my attention I need more stunts. Maybe a live fart contest or sumthin.

So this radio station in Sacramento had a contest where listeners had to drink 8-ounces of water every 15 minutes without going to the restroom. The last man standing gets a Nintendo Wii video game system. This lady drinks a lot of water quits after a headache, and later goes home and dies from water intoxication. Immediately people are blaming the radio station for her death and holding them responsible. The radio station big wigs fired 10-employees as a result of this including the ENTIRE morning show. Everyone is screaming lawsuit for the woman’s family saying that the station FORCED her to drink the water.
She wasn’t FORCED. She wasn’t pledging some sorority. The lady signed a waiver stood in line and hoped to be chosen for the opportunity to take part in this contest. It sucks that she didn’t know her own water tolerance but is that the station’s fault? Is it the station’s fault that she didn’t know when to quit? Assuming that this lady was informed of the dangers of this contest then um…what’s the problem?
So you may argue that the station knew the contest was dangerous and they shouldn’t have held such a dangerous stunt.Clearly this lady had no idea how easy it is to get your hands on a Nintendo Wii.
Why aren’t adults allowed to do whatever the hell they want to do? If the lady wanted to drink water until she passed out then let her do it. Personally if it were my morning show I’d ask people to do drink 8-ounces of motor oil, or 89-Octane unleaded. The contest would go much quicker. Or maybe 8-ounce shots of liquid laxatives. Last person to not shit their pants wins the video game system. A little messier than urine, but hey that’s why you have interns and janitors, to clean up that kind of mess. I may as well get some entertainment out the deal. The only thing I would’ve done differently in the water drinking contest is not allowed the losers to leave the room. The psychological effect of seeing other people piss their pants would’ve been more than enough to make the others quit sooner and maybe this lady wouldn’t have died. What sucks is that she came in SECOND PLACE. She died, and didn’t even win. At least give her kids a Sega Genesis as a consolation prize.
Quit holding corporations responsible for crazy people being crazy. If a station held a “Who can stay in the pool the longest after we throw a toaster in the water” contest. Let them have it. If adults show up… SIGN A WAIVER and proceed to subject themselves to being electrocuted then so be it. Russian Roulette, shoot up heroin, stabbing contests, whatever people want to do for a pair of Jay-Z tickets, why shouldn’t they be allowed to do it? The radio station fired the jocks because people were outraged, not because the lady died. If the lady died and no one said anything those jocks would still have their jobs.
Hot 97 in New York. Had a “Slap fest” two women basically take turns slapping each other in exchange for $5000 or something. People got mad about that too. Mad why? Why are you mad? Two Grown adults WHO SIGNED WAIVERS agreed to do whatever the hell the want to each other’s face in exchange for some item they can’t afford. What’s wrong if people like me want to watch it?
“Well RiPPa, if the radio station doesn’t hold this contest then these people wouldn’t be out making a fool of themselves for people like you.”
Possibly. But I’m of the belief that crazy people are going to be crazy whether or not they have an audience. Don’t sit here and tell me that if this radio station doesn’t have this ‘Smackfest’ that these people would be at home doing something productive. That’s like saying that if American Idol wasn’t on the air then the people who get on there and make an ass of themselves would be at home studying Organic Chemistry.
They’d be at home doing crazy stuff in private. Why not give these people a treat in exchange for our entertainment. Besides, American Idol sucks anyway.

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