There’s so much going on in the media and I can barely keep up with it since the drone of people ill equipped to discuss political discourse makes my tongue itch.

Amid the trail of disaster left by Hurricane Irene and the recent earth quake that struct our inexperienced East Coast there are now news reports coming in about how the state of Texas has been turned into an enormous smoke cloud.

If you are like me, these natural disasters are a little above your head. Here in the New England-ish areas we are used to absolute seasons including some rain storms, some snow, some stretches of heat waves; normal stuff.

I’ll even go as far as to say that the average person doesn’t really pay much attention to natural disasters like the one that is ravaging through Texas as a result of a high drought season.

Rick Perry loves his great state of Texas, after all, he’s been begging for Federal funds to help him fight the impeding forest fires.

He even went so far as to say that Obama had a personal vendetta against him for not satisfying his demands for money for bulldozers and additional fire fighters.

The state of Texas knew the fires were coming, because apparently this is common in Texas.

And if that is so then why did Rick Perry and his Republican led cronies cut over $30 million dollars of funding to the Texas Forest Service, the main department that monitors, conducts research and fights these reoccurring Texas fires?

Made up of mostly volunteer firefighters they largely depend on state grant money to purchase fire fighting equipment and supplies.

No state grant money. No supplies. That seems easy enough.

It is so hard to ignore this little fax pas on behalf of Republican candidate Rick Perry.

What would be the justification of slashing the budget for basic state specific social services like firefighters in a place that’s known to burn?

With the loss of human capital and dire private financial cost which will be placed on the backs of the citizens of Texas one can only wonder what a country would look like with Rick Perry at the helm?

I mean, if Perry cuts Federal budgets and waits on someone else to come and rescue us….who would that be exactly?

And why is it okay for him to bitch about Federal bail outs for people who need it yet feel obligated to receive Federal money when he’s one of the people on the welfare line with his greasy hand out?

Much like Michelle Bachman these politicians want the rest of us to (literally) starve while they pretend to be one of us poor and needy folks.

The only difference is that THEY can get on line and receive the benefits of Federal aid/welfare.

You and I are left to stand on never ending soup lines that ultimately reach an indifferent, low education, entitlement enjoying state worker who will eventually decline your application for whatever the hell it is that you are standing on this line for.

Don’t let America get screwed like the once great state of Texas…after all, not only did they get screwed.

They got burned as a result of it!

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Outspoken, spunky and coming out of left field, the infamous Tracy Renee Jones is a 2005 Cum Laude graduate of New Jersey City University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Law. Also member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society, she worked a duel career life as a para-professional during the day and an adult performer at night while perusing her education. Her writing interests include the undesirable subjects of Prisoner Rights, Child Abuse and Exploitation, Adoption, Sexuality, Human and Intercultural Relations and Politics. She writes for several online publications including the Examiner, Beyond Black and White, Clutch Magazine, The Trippie Hippie and The Kinky Courtesan. She is a featured contributor to the sex positive digital Corset magazine where she explores fetish, stereotypes and erotic presentation for women of color. Her book of poetry Me: Being Anonymous: A Book of Cursed Poem and Verse is available on Amazon for purchase. Writing from an emotional place and with a personal touch, TRJ likes her debates the same way she enjoys.....rough, uncompromising and often.


  1. Say what you want about Rick Perry, me I’m scared of him.

    Everytime we see tough times ahead in this country, the human cattle reaches out for the old and familiar. This is the very reason why an oxygen thief like George W Bush was “selected” president and then “re-elected”. When the going gets tough those that aren’t deep thinkers will reach out to the fool that shouts “Jesus” and “amen” the loudest.

    Our current situation requires sterner stuff than just praying it away.

  2. This is an example of how you cannot have it both ways in the real world. 

    You preach a political ideology that demands less government and you’re pro cutting back spending.  If my memory serves me correctly there was talk of succession from the union at one point in time.

    Now, nature is on a rampage.  I will not make light of the situation because I’m sure that for the residents in the line of fthe fire it is scary and dangerous. Perry’s state now needs help and it is not coming as fast as he needs it. 

    Maybe he should try to strike a deal with John and Eric to see if they can help.  The cry to end federal disaster aid to the states has to be inclusive.  Either all 50 are in line during times of need or none of the states should receive any federal dollars. 

    Do I think that Obama’s refusal is personal–no.  I do think that Perry needs to figure out if the state’s budget can support his needs first.  Isn’t this a part of his political ideology?

  3. Actually Rick’s “fury” is misplaced, congress has to pass federal aid dollars, always has always will. Thus why during the last 3 disasters Eric Cantor has made such great news of saying “No disaster spending without equal spending cuts to pay for it”, so if Eric Cantor can say no to Virginia, DC, Kentucky and every other state that has had a disaster, how is it Obama who is blocking Texas disaster relief?

    This is another cause of ignore the truth and blame the Democrat.

  4. When I saw that Rick Perry and his legislature cut 75% of the volunteer fire departments budget before this wild fire all I could think was “He must know that nothing will burn in Texas”, there are some things you do not play with. At the top of my list are: the Fire Department, Search and Rescue, The EMTs/Paramedics/Ambulance service, Teachers and Police. Those are not somethings you want to have to worry about finding AFTER a disaster has occurred. 

    There is stupid and there is suicidal, cutting the budget of something you HOPE not to need the next year is just asinine. Hell if all drivers are FORCED to have car insurance all states should be forced to ADEQUATELY fund all of the PUBLIC SERVICES that the people make use of:FIRE, POLICE, EDUCATION, EMERGENCY MEDICAL, and DOT staff budgets should not be tinkered with. Hell when that families house burned down here in TN because they hadn’t paid some prerequisite payment for their fire service because:who expects their house to catch on fire? The fire department was right there and had to sit and watch while the house burned down, why because some genius figured hey make them make a payment each year instead of just having a .5 percent tax(if that much) on everybody to pay for it.

    I don’t care if it was a sales tax, wow my snack cakes cost me an extra 2 cents but fire, police, education, and emergency medical is paid for, okay fair trade, I’ll take it. Because if I call 911 I don’t just want someone to be there I want to know that someone is on their way to my house to put the fire out, take me to the hospital, investigate my incident or that somebody is teaching the cities kids. How that is not criminal negligence on Rick Perry and his Legislatures part is beyond me, you CUT THE FIRE DEPARTMENT BUDGET and then were unprepared to otherwise deal with a wild fire and you are USED TO HAVING WILD FIRES. I mean hell with the way they eat up forested areas in Cali I wouldn’t want to have to deal with anything even remotely like that, slashing the fire department is the easiest way to end up with not a damn thing.

    What scares me is that people hear of incidents like this and instead of saying Perry is unfit for office they cheer him on because he “reduced the size of government” no he didn’t he reduced public services, he reduced the ability for you to get the fire at your house put out because there are not enough VOLUNTEER FIRE FIGHTERS, who doesn’t want well equipped fire fighters? How is that even an issue to people, oh we have a well trained group of fire fighters, hmm those guys are so unnecessary. And if you were hoping to use some “private fire resolution force” they should have already been formed and ready to be called upon BEFORE you cut the budget, not still be in the initial planning phases and will be ready to roll out 2014 sometimes after they get the funds up and secure proper venture capital. Rick Perry is starting to make the term “no brainer” not mean what we think it means

  5. Very good points!  This cutting spending and big govt schtick is tiresome.   A lot of this stuff is basic and shouldn’t require more than a HS diploma to understand (college and beyond is for expertise and innovation).  Somewhere along the line, it got lost in translation (I suspect on purpose).  Being cheap with public services  (with big govt greenbacks, no less…O_o) doesn’t often work…:/    

  6. It was a deliberate process, you call it “government spending” making it faceless and not:teachers, fire fighters, police officers, EMT’s, DOT, and Postal Workers and when people think of Government spending they think “politicians wasting my money throwing big private parties”. They don’t think roads, bridges, teachers, fire fighters, police, etc they look at the guys complaining about government spending in their slick suits and think “oh you’re gonna take a pay cut”.

    And it has been a highly successful schtick, not a SINGLE congress in my lifetime has ever voted themselves a pay cut Democrat or Republican. They’ve voted Soldiers a pay cut, Veterans a pay cut, cut education spending, cut research spending, cut funding for NASA, but stop money that we pay for them to do their jobs, nope.

    Hell they don’t even donate some of that PAC money or give back an offset for the amount they get from lobbyists. They cut everyone else’s money and keep their pockets full. This is the great conservative scam, and it will keep working because if you don’t name it, most people won’t bother to look past the person telling it to them. That’s why when you are running you wear jeans and work shirts, but when you debate you wear expensive 3 piece suits. You want to fool the people who come to see you but impress the folks on TV.

  7. I can tell you from living in Texas for over 40years fire isn’t a normal thing here. I don’t agree with most of the issues that Perry supports, but I do agree with him cutting back the budget (no mater what it is) when you are already in debt. That is why Texas debt is no where near N.J.

  8. No one here is cheering Perry on!  We just want help just like every other state that has suffered a natural disaster.
    With or without funding Texas will prevail!
    In the long run Mr. Obama is hurting everyone. Texas Agriculture is the second largest industry in Texas and the nation’s
    second-leading agricultural-producing state. So look for higher priced meat, produce and anything that contains corn syurp.
    The more acres that burn the less farm land Texas has!!!

  9. So Obama is to blame for Rick Perry cutting his fire department budget. In July Obama did give them funds for disaster relief but Fema’s budget was severly cut so guess what STILL on congress.

    If Perry doesn’t cut the Fire Department budget there are more fire fighters and more fire fighting EQUIPMENT to deal with this crisis.

    The STATE is the first line of defense on this one, the federal government can help afterwards, but again if Texas is so used to having this wildfires and dry seasons like this: Why cut the fire department budget.

    Obama is the President of the Unites States not the Texas bail out specialist. Perry screwed up, and now after he screwed up he wants special priviliges to cover his ass.

    yes Texas forests are burning but again Mr Obama has hurt no one, MR Perry hurt Texas. He’s the Governor whatever reason he had in mind when he decided to cut that volunteer fire budget is the reason why Texas is losing acres to wild fire.

  10. I did and so did he, July look it up. He declared West Texas a disaster area in July, 45 counties. The wild fires have been burning since April. We have had Tornadoes, hurricanes, Earthquakes, Major Flooding and a lot of other disasters since those wild fires started.

    My question to you: Was he only supposed to focus on Texas?

  11. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow says Texas routinely receives more federal dollars than Texans pay in federal taxes

    After playing a 2009 video clip in which Republican Gov. Rick Perry touts states’ rights, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow suggested secession could hurt the Lone Star state’s bottom line.

    In fiscal 2009, the IRS collected about $163 billion from Texans and the state received about $224 billion, for a net gain of $61 billion. Federal spending in Texas also exceeded tax payments in 2008 by $8 billion. It was the other way around in 2006 and 2007, when tax payments by Texans exceeded federal spending by a total of about $47 billion.

    Summing up: The figures from our sources show two different trends. On an annual basis between 1981 and 2003, Texas almost always paid more in federal taxes than it got back from Uncle Sam. But since 2003 the reverse has been true, with Texas receiving more than it paid in five out of seven years, which is close to routine.

    We rate Maddow’s statement as Mostly True.

    Very interesting analysis. Rick Perry is definitely lying about how “oppressive” D.C. is to Texas. He’s taken the money each and every year while bad mouthing D.C.

  12. god help the mindless, first of all look up how much Texas pays in federal taxes, they would be getting their own money back. Secondly, city firefighters do not, can not and are not qualified to fight wildfires, get a clue will ya.   Detroit and most urban cities are slashing budgets as fast as YT leaves town and tax reciepts go down…make sure you say the same thing when Detroit, camden, counties in california and so on tell you to file your own police report and or it burns…..

  13. Question, how much does Texas collect in STATE TAXES. They have gotten federal money, he keeps using it to balance the budget. I wish God would help the mindless so you would stop making comments that make you look silly.

    I have a question who is fighting the fire now VOLUNTEER FIRE FIGHTERS, who are they asking to help RETIRED VOLUNTEER FIRE FIGHTERS. If you are going to say something, especially something that has been reported on by EVERYBODY INCLUDING YOUR FAVORITE NEWS SOURCE, don’t say the opposite of what you already know is true.

    Perry screwed up, Perry continues to screw up and on top of that guess what covering for him still isn’t going to change that he CUT THE BUDGET FOR THE DAMN FIRE DEPARTMENT.

    So again you don’t like the federal government, that’s fine. He doesn’t like the government DOUBLE FINE, but if he wants to ask the federal government for help guess what it makes you a HYPOCRITE not only to rail against the very PLACE you need help from, it makes you an IDIOT to have cut your damn FIRE DEPARTMENTS BUDGET by 75%.

    So mindless, yup that fits PERRY to a tea, and you for your comment have joined him. And the YT comment, seriously is that the best you got. Do you really think black people don’t work or pay taxes? You think there are no Businesses in Camden. People are slashing budgets because REPUBLICAN POLICIES DON’T WORK.

    Collect state TAXES and the state has budget money, stop giving companies TAX breaks who don’t want to pay taxes in your state anyway and the state has more budget money. Close TAX loopholes for companies just kicking politicians under the table money have more state budget money.

    But oh wait it’s WASHINGTON’s fault that your state can’t handle it’s damn budget and has been hemorrhaging money for how long now? Where are all the TAX RECEIPTS from that illustrious job growth.

    You can’t have it both ways, but then again the way I see it, the truth means absolutely NOTHING to you. Personal Responsibility, remember that? Show some now or pipe down with the rest of your short sighted comments

  14. They aren’t worried about the truth, they are worried about hoping people will just come back after them with more talking points FACTS you can make up as you go along.

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