So, George Zimmerman had his bond revoked by a Florida judge. I’m not sure if this is to be received as great news; however, I’m sure residents of Negronia are ecstatic. As for me, I’m pretty much pissed off. Not that I am a supporter of Zimmerman; nope, never that.Instead, however, I feel like a fool (as I’m sure some of his closest supporters feel) for defending him against those disappointed in him being released on a measly $150,000 bond, instead of a much higher bond, or no bond at all.

This from the Miami Herald:

Prosecutors pointed out in their motion that Zimmerman had $135,000 available then. It had been raised from donations through a website he set up, and they suggested more has been collected since and deposited in a bank account.

Shellie Zimmerman was asked about the website at the hearing, but she said she didn’t know how much money had been raised. Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester set bail at $150,000. The 28-year-old was freed a few days later after posting $15,000 in cash – which is typical – and has since been in hiding.

Prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda complained Friday, “This court was led to believe they didn’t have a single penny. It was misleading and I don’t know what words to use other than it was a blatant lie.” The judge agreed and ordered Zimmerman returned to jail by Sunday afternoon.

[…]  The defense countered that Zimmerman and his wife never used the money for anything, which indicated “there was no deceit.” His attorney, Mark O’Mara, said it wouldn’t be a problem to bring Zimmerman back into custody by the deadline.

The judge said he would schedule a hearing after Zimmerman is back in custody so he could explain himself.

Back then, being the voice of reason as always, I argued that Zimmerman firmly proved to the court that he was in fact indigent and as such, a $150,000 bond was fair enough. Yep, I watched the entire bond hearing back then too; yep, I friggin’ believed you George. But here I am today feeling the need to punch him in the face, for lying to the damn court, and conveniently omitting the fact that he had money donated to him by supporters via his website, stashed somewhere to the tune of $200,00. Even worse, is the fact that he failed to mention that he had two passports. Yeah, ‘sup with that?

Hell, is George Zimmerman even who he says he is?

  • He’s proven yet again that he believes he’s above the law. Yet…not so smart to realize his jailhouse conversations were being taped….smh

  • Rippa,
    Zimmerman, being the product of a white supremacist household and a judge daddy, can have two passports, lie, cheat and kill an innocent man…This entire case enraged me, made me mad and made me question what kind of world we are living in..then I remembered…AmeriKlan.

  • Rippa,

    Here’s the thing.

    I remember when he “disappeared” the first time (before he eventually surrendered himself to police).  That was when the website asking for donations first went up.  It was also around the same time that his first defense team was canned.  Of course, while this happened, the “oh so fair” news media focused more on the Martin family’s attempt to trademark “I Am Trayvon” (done in response to the usual money-grubbing poachers who descend on tragedies like this one) and disappeared Zimmerman’s fund-raising website story shortly thereafter.

    As far as the bond hearing goes, always remember that ALL defendants, including well-connected, well-heeled, well-financed ones, will claim indigence and poverty. I can only surmise that the money was deposited in an account that did not have George or Shellie Zimmerman’s name listed on it in an attempt to keep the authorities from finding out.

    It feels like there is another shoe that’s going to drop regarding this matter.

    This is going to end up on a Police Procedural when this is all over.

  • We lawyers aren’t famed for our honesty, and yet we know more than anyone else that you can’t be caught lying to a judge and hope to get away with it.  Like I said at the Police Brutality Blog, ‘A murder or rape is a crime against society, but lying to a judge is still worse, particularly as a legal strategy, because it is an offense against the intelligence and honor of that particular judge who will make the procedural, evidentiary and factual decisions on which the results of the case at hand will depend.’

    ‘Zimmerman’s honesty and his judgment are at the heart of the substance of his shooting of Trayvon Martin.  By clearly lying to the judge in a way that is demonstrable, Zimmerman angered the judge, won the judge’s personal animosity, and cast doubt on his own honesty in a way that will linger throughout the proceedings, including the stage in which the judge decides whether the “Stand Your Ground” law prevents the case from reaching a jury at all.’

  • The issue of Zimmerman having two passports and only surrendering one will come up again.  The judge apparently thought it was less important than having over a hundreds thousand dollars in the bank that Zimmerman claimed he didn’t have.  And the money is more important than the passports, because Zimmerman was never asked directly in court, “How many passports to you have.”  He was never ordered to surrender ALL of his passports.

    However, if it turns out that Zimmerman knowingly had two passports in his possession and intentionally only handed over one of them, then Zimmerman once again will be shown to have little respect for the Judge and the justice system that he was ostensibly trying to aid when he followed Trayvon Martin in the dark.

    The question of having two passports and only surrendering one goes to the question of whether Zimmerman defends law and order or thumbs his nose at it, expecting to get away with it.  Thumbing one’s nose at a judge and the justice system are more serious crimes in America than shooting down a Black man unnecessarily.  

  • Reggie

    Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Don’t these guys realize that yelling nigga will only get you so far?!?

  • Cos he’s a lyin’ arsed s.o.b. with a retired judge for a daddy.  Just sayin’.

  • Rozeller

    Zimmerman is a Jewish name. If he took, or planned to take, a trip to Israel, he would have a travel history in Israel on his passport and there are some countries that would not let somebody in if they had Israel on their passport. So some travellers who go to Israel take out a second passport (which can be obtained with a letter of explanation) that they use for countries that are not friendly with Israel. I don’t know if he’s a traveller but that is one reason he may have had 2 passports. There is international bias against Jewish people.