Yeah, this is what I call the crazies falling all out of the closet! Christians raging against anything different from what they think is right is nothing new, of course. I feel bad for the poor Fox news interns that were rushing to remove the 8,000 death threats. What bought all this on you may ask?

The Fox News Facebook page got over 8,000 death threats posted on its wall after the Communications Director for the American Atheists, Blair Scott, appeared on the network’s “America Live” discussing the group’s lawsuit hoping to stop the erection of a crucifix at the World Trade Center Memorial.

Before I get to discussing the extent of the crazy let me first allow you a small sample of the type of crazy we are analyzing.

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If you are reading this and consider yourself sane these comments may lead you to wonder exactly who these people are that call themselves Christian. It won’t be long before the pro-religious people comment about how these type of Christians don’t represent ‘real Christians’ and that may be on an individual basis. Speak for yourself.

However, I still have an issue with the entire body of religious influence that is forced down the throats of the American people. The lawsuit that spurned all of this hatred was filed by the political group the American Atheists in a move to block the inclusion of a crucifix from being displayed at the future home of the World Trade Center monument.

Why do these Christians think everyone wants to participate with team Jesus? And when you say you don’t want to play with them in the magical sand box they storm off, come back and set fire to you AND the sand box.

Crusade much?

Didn’t they learn anything in pre-school? Do they not teach tolerance and humility during Sunday mass anymore?

Let me reiterate.

Sometimes things can’t be the way YOU want them to be. Just because you think Jesus is your best friend doesn’t mean that I have to invite the both of you to my graduation party.

Sometimes a metaphor helps. Did that help?

Insisting that a crucifix be included over the grave site of people who were not Christian and may have very well died in part due to this country’s twisted self perception of perfection and hypocritical ideals is a slap in the face to those of us who DO believe in the mantra of ‘freedom’.

"Excuse me, you seem to be stepping on my FREEDOM, can you remove your foot?"

My version of freedom means that I am free from your version of religion; it shan’t be shoved down the throat of the people.

Now that may sound a bit strange to the people that are liberal. Liberals are often people who are polite, considerate and kind enough to not scream, yell, kick and make death threats to those who disagree with their opinions and beliefs.

I’m not that type of liberal, as you can see. And there should be more like me.


Fed the *uck up.

Competent enough in the art of government to know the original intention of the Constitution.

Brave enough to challenge bullsh*t.

Weary of the spoiled, dismissive, and persistent attack on American freedoms by people who are taking their freedom to an extreme.

But maybe I’m wrong and the crusafix should be included at the monument. That was the issue, wasn’t it?

In a civilized society we would allow our courts to determine what will happen next; a lawsuit was filed, after all.

However, the backlash from the Christian crazies clearly show that these people don’t consider the laws and systems in place that we all must follow to be something that applies to them. They have a deity pulling their strings; rather they have representatives that claim a deity that pull their strings and they love it. It’s a very powerful thing to allow the common folks to feel special.

But then they come out the dark hallows of the caverns and attack others who are different from them. Eight thousand people took time out of their day to write hate messages to a media outlet that covered a story about something that concerns the pubic about something for the public which will be paid for with public funding.

Eight thousand people were incited by the possibility that a crucifix would not be included at the World Trade Center memorial.

With examples like this extreme reaction does it not alarm you as to the moral fitness and competence of some people that blindly rally on the side of Christianity?

It’s kinda ironic. This is an instance of insane, fundamental, radical domestic terrorists reacting to the human and financial capital we’ve suffered at the hands of the other insane, fundamentalist, radical terrorists that took down the World Trade Center!

Are you not perturbed that some feel no obligation or consideration other than that which they make up in their heads; they perceive themselves to be the absolute in righteousness.

Does this not alarm you?

Because if it doesn’t.

It should.

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Outspoken, spunky and coming out of left field, the infamous Tracy Renee Jones is a 2005 Cum Laude graduate of New Jersey City University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Law. Also member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society, she worked a duel career life as a para-professional during the day and an adult performer at night while perusing her education. Her writing interests include the undesirable subjects of Prisoner Rights, Child Abuse and Exploitation, Adoption, Sexuality, Human and Intercultural Relations and Politics. She writes for several online publications including the Examiner, Beyond Black and White, Clutch Magazine, The Trippie Hippie and The Kinky Courtesan. She is a featured contributor to the sex positive digital Corset magazine where she explores fetish, stereotypes and erotic presentation for women of color. Her book of poetry Me: Being Anonymous: A Book of Cursed Poem and Verse is available on Amazon for purchase. Writing from an emotional place and with a personal touch, TRJ likes her debates the same way she enjoys.....rough, uncompromising and often.
  • Anonymous

    Brilliant blog. It’s funny how skeptics like myself are often met with the most ridiculous – and clearly irrational responses- simply because we want this country to exercise it’s laws appropriately. As can be seen here, is there any truly rational reason for their criticism of the man that doesn’t revolve around a hyper-religious circle jerk? I kind of revel in how passionate and disturbed their imaginations are.

    As an unabashed libertine, similar folk have told me time and again of the fiery pit and all the angst I will suffer. I tell them that I’ll be making smores and they’ll be welcome to join me when they arrive.

  • Reggiesblogspot

    I see that the nuts are starting to fall out of the trees a little early this year.

  • I like how you call Christians terrorists. Because that’s the sort we’re dealing with in this country. Shoot me because I don’t think like you? Yeah that’s real patriotic and grown up, America.

  • The comments are just another example of how people stretch their beliefs to the point where they are unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    Global Warming has thrown everything out of whack.

  • As I have often said, if the criminal looks like you first you will take no responsibility for his actions and then you will find an excuse as to why his actions are not indicative of anything you might have done or said. Even if I can find LINE FOR LINE correlation between your views and the criminals views. Or how because you know the feel that someone is an “okay guy/gal” that you know they should be forgiven for their bigoted, racist, sexist or insensitive remarks because:well I think they are an okay person and if you don’t forgive them does that also make me bad for agreeing with them on some of their harsher points. Sometimes YES, it may not make you as bad as them, but if you agree with someone who will go to an extreme to get what they want and you didn’t find any reason to try and talk them down ahead of time you are also part of the problem.

    If you are a christian and believe in the 10 commandments you just sent yourselves to hell by JUDGING, and Threatening to KILL, technically if you think about it as atheists have no God they are in a lot less trouble than those christians who just damned them to hell or threatened to kill them. He said thou shalt not have any god before me, soo since atheists have no God well I’ll be, not having a God means they don’t worship a false one either.

    Jesus forgave those who judged him, he forgave a Thief on the cross beside him, he even forgave the guy who jammed the spear into his side. So if The guy who so many believe withstood all that pain to save their eternal souls can be that forgiving how come they: on their couches, in their AC, enjoying a tasty beverage cannot be Christ like and forgive someone who does not believe as they do? The phrase “What would Jesus Do” has become a bigger joke to atheists and non christians because once supposed christians get done speaking usually what Jesus would do sounds nothing like what came out of their mouths or what you just caught them doing.

    If somebody wishes to risk the soul that they don’t believe in because they feel they have not seen enough proof to believe in your God, do you really think behaving like a stark raving lunatic will convince them that they need GOD in their lives? Wasn’t that supposedly the entire selling point of Jesus, that he was so kind and benevolent that people had to follow him because he truly was offering a better way. So if his better way was about feeding the poor, helping the sick, serving others, and showing kindness even in the face of oppression and inequality how is it that those who SUPPOSEDLY follow his path do the exact opposite? They are selfish, cruel, unforgiving, deceitful, bloodthirsty and ignorant. Is the saying not that Jesus is the light? Soo would Jesus really appreciate all the blood spilled in his name if his light were to be shined upon it?

    Contrary to some folks beliefs God don’t need your help, as a matter of fact going by the book so many pound but obviously don’t read anytime god had a problem with something his wrath was pretty direct and didn’t need any human help to be accomplished. So next time you get out of “Club Christian” and decide that you are going to show how great God and Jesus are by pissing on the very commandments they gave you how about you open that book and reread exactly how Jesus told people off, and how God asked a man for help to smite someone? I’ll be waiting for chapter and verse where Jesus took a life or cursed someone

  • Anonymous

    Primaldata dropping those dissertations.