I get the feeling that there’s a competition between the Carolinas. Given recent legislation set to disenfranchise minority voters in North Carolina — arguably the most progressive state in the south — the Tar Heel state has been giving its neighbor to its south a run for their money. But as racist fuckery would have it, South Carolina is, well, still South Carolina. We’ve written many stories on this site that highlights the douchebagery of the Palmetto State over the years. And of course in true fashion, the following is yet another example of why South Carolina, the first state to secede from the Union back in the say, isn’t too kind to the melanin-challenged. Oh, and just i case you don’t believe me, just ask the rapper DMX who has had a couple run-ins with the law in South Carolina recently. According to the following report, a group of black patrons were kicked out of a South Carolina restaurant because a white patron felt uncomfortable being close to them.

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) – Michael Brown says he was celebrating his cousin’s last day in Charleston last month at Wild Wing Cafe in North Charleston. He says after his party of 25 waited two hours for a table, the shift manager told them there was a “situation.”

“She said there’s a situation where one of our customers feels threatened by your party, so she asked us not to seat you in our section, which totally alarmed all of us because we’re sitting there peaceably for two hours,” explains Brown. “Obviously, if we were causing any conflict, we would have been ejected out of the place hours before.”

Brown says while he was talking to the shift manager, someone in his group began videotaping the conversation. Brown says that’s when the manager became upset and refused to seat them.

“I asked her I want to be clear with you,” says Brown. “I said so you’re telling me I have to leave. She said I have a right to deny you service. I said so you’re asking me to leave because you’re upset because he was recording you, after we’ve waited for two hours, and after you’ve already pretty much discriminated on us, and she answered yes.”

Brown says several calls were made to the corporate office in Mt. Pleasant, but he says they did not receive a call back, so he took to Facebook with this post Thursday.

Maybe the white patron didn't feel comfortable sitting close to that many black people wearing crazy-looking clothes.
Maybe the white patron didn’t feel comfortable sitting close to that many black people wearing crazy-looking clothes.

I will never go to Wild wings cafe in N. Chs again! We (Party of 25 family and friends) waited 2hrs, patiently and were refused service because another customer (White) felt threatened by us. This type of racial discrimination is unacceptable and we have to put a STOP TO IT. The manager looked me dead in the face and said she was refusing us service because she had a right to and simply she felt like it. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ESTABLISHMENT… PLEASE SHARE THIS POST… We need your help.

That caught the restaurant’s attention.

“We got alerted through social media, so we always encourage our customers to respond to us or to comment on our social media pages,” says Debra Stokes, the chief marketing officer for Wild Wing Cafe.

Representatives for Wild Wing Cafe say they immediately responded and spoke to Brown.

“We had a conversation,” says Stokes. “It was a really good conversation. He and many of his family and friends were there about a month ago, and they are regular customers of ours. So, they were having a going away party, and they just didn’t receive the experience that they have come to know and love.”

Brown says an apology was offered and a free meal for the entire group, but he says he’s not completely satisfied.

“We weren’t coming there for a free meal. When we came there that night, we were coming to patronize the business. This is not a situation where you can just give us a free meal and everything is ok because it’s deeper than that.” (source)

I hear you, brother — a free meal ain’t gonna cut it. If anything, sounds like maybe cutting a check might be the thing to do. What sucks about that, however, is having to split said check between the 25 people who were refused service. Yep, especially when you know that there were at least a few in the party who were freeloading and didn’t have money to pay for jack anyway. C’mon, y’all, you know how we black folks roll. I’m only half kidding, but chances are they weren’t going to tip.

But seriously, what’s the odds of something like this happening to a group of 25 white folks which includes Bubba, Merle Sue, and cousin Skeeter n’em down in South Carolina if the gentleman in the story above felt threatened? Do you think that group would be refused service? In all fairness, I hate sitting anywhere close to large groups of patrons at restaurants. For me, it has nothing to do with race or the fact that some black people are extremely loud and that I don’t do ratchet very well and everything to do with me getting what I pay for. Call me uppity, but I hate being seated next to a large group of patrons especially when the spot is tight and I am made to feel like I have people from another table sitting in my lap. personal feelings aside, maybe they were kicked out because one of them looked like DMX or something. I mean, all black people look alike, no?

Watch the video below:


  • Wow!!!

    RiPPa you’re always picking on South Carolina.

    Ya know, two things………..first I’ve eaten at THAT restaurant more than a few times and second, I’m pretty sure I’ve met Michael Brown before.

    C’mon, please start picking on Georgia or better yet, Arkansas.

  • OK, I make you a deal. Come back to Memphis so we can hang out at another BBQ restaurant and I’ll stop. In case you didn’t know, I’ not allowed to frequent those restaurants unless it is to entertain out of town guests.

  • OlderWoman

    Where ever blacks cluster, crime follows.

  • @Reggie…I have too, It’s not far my aunt at the end of Ashley Phosphate! I swear, I’ve been thinking about moving back home but the more I see and hear, the more conflicted I am. {smdh}
    “C’mon, please start picking on Georgia or better yet, Arkansas”
    Even better, how about Texas? 🙂

    @RiPPa:disqus…Now you know you wrong for that caption under that picture, Brother.

    “Call me uppity, but I hate being seated next to a large group of patrons especially when the spot is tight and I am made to feel like I have people from another table sitting in my lap.”
    That place is kinda small, so I get you there. But seems to me, if you’re any kind of a “manager,” you should be forward-thinking enough to anticipate a party of 25 aren’t there to have a nice quiet, candle-lit dinner, it’s impossible! Seat them where they can enjoy their get-together and other patrons don’t have to worry about them sitting in their lap — but it’s a public establishment, everybody’s gotta give a little. That’s what the manager should’ve told the other person. The manager shouldn’t have even relayed that whole, “I feel threatened” thing. How unprofessional is that? Free meal — her ass should’ve been written up!

  • Brother RiPPa I’m gonna get back to Memphis one of these days………and this time, please lets get together somewhere other than that lame ass Neeley’s restaurant.

    If you wanted to do a post calling someone out. You should do one on them and the fraud they’re committing by pretending to serve good food. Both the service and the food were lacking the night we went there.

  • Yeah Deb it’s on Rivers Avenue across from Northwoods Mall. I’ve eaten there many times and while I’ve never had bad food there, I will say that I’ve had to wait for an hour or more for a seat too. But it’s usually fairly crowded and when I’ve shown up with a group of people, I’ve expected to wait. The staff there has never been rude to me.

    I should have remembered Michael Brown when I saw the news report, I see him almost every Sunday morning…….unless I stay in the bed and watch the sermon from my laptop.

  • @BamaReggie:disqus…I talked to my aunt the other day and she said she’d never had any problems either. And now it seems there’s more to the story. Read this today in the City Paper: http://www.charlestoncitypaper.com/HaireoftheDog/archives/2013/08/29/the-trouble-with-the-wild-wing-discrimination-story&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily

  • jim

    Can’t believe this the manager of this place should be fired. If 25 blacks are ask to leave a place because of 1 white person that makes no sense 25 spend more than 1. This is a typical case of racial bias and the manager is civilly liable and so is the establishment. South Carolina where racial bias is still active and employ every day. Shame after a civil war and the people of South Carolina continue in their stupid ways and even after all the laws passed by congress this stuff goes on. Shame ignorance is still fully employed in South Carolina but they do elect Graham so that explains why he is elected.