After convening a task force to look at the issue of gun violence and gun control lead by Vice President Joe Biden. President Barack Obama took a huge step in presenting Congress (and the public at large) with an outlined proposal to curb gun violence. It has been thirty-three days since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting which saw the death of twenty children and six of their teachers. It is debatable whether Obama’s proposals will prevent any such future mass shootings. However, as the president himself has said in the past as well as this week, this is no excuse for inaction — more plainly, if the proposals saved as much as one life, there’s an obligation to try.

But don’t tell that to the NRA, the Republican politicians grandstanding by introducing talks of impeachment, or even Ann Coulter who recently said that America’s gun violence problem isn’t about too many guns. Instead, according to Coulter, relative to Belgium and England is that we’re too diverse. Yep, the problem as she sees it is the growing number of black and brown people with guns, hence the gun violence epidemic. (read here). Yep, because all those mass shooting incidents in 2012 were committed by black and brown people, right? Idiotic? But of course.

obama-gun-control-proposalsSo what exactly did Obama propose this week that has the panties of my right-wing friends in a bunch? Well, one would think he has all but circumvented Congress and amassed a federal gun grabbing squad — you know, much in the same way the second amendment was ratified to allow states to assemble militias to conduct what were known as Slave Patrols back then? You know, back when militias were assembled and used on plantations solely for the purpose of policing the living quarters of slaves, to ensure that they were not secretly stockpiling guns and ammunition — because, you can’t be too careful, right?. Yep, because like Mr. Larry “Gun Appreciation Day” Ward pointed out recently: Slavery wouldn’t have happened if “African Americans” were allowed to have guns. So again, what exactly did Obama do this week to make him the first tyrannical socialist dictator in history?

According to Think Progress, Obama’s initiatives cover everything from mental heath, to gun safety, to blocking the most deadly firearms from making it to market. And of course the following is cause for alarm in America.

1. Making background checks universal. Obama wants every single gun owner to go through a proper background check, so it can be determined whether they have a criminal history or diagnosed mental illness. He wants Congress to close the gun show loophole that allows people at gun shows, and private buyers of used weapons, to avoid getting checked. He will also, through executive action, urge private sellers to conduct background checks, even if they aren’t mandatory.

2. Improving state reporting of criminals and the mentally ill. While all states are required to report to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) people who should not have access to guns, some states are sluggish about putting the data into the system. Obama will put more money into the hands of the states so that they can improve their reporting systems, and issue stronger guidelines to let states know when they should report people. Obama will also, through Presidential Memorandum, work to make sure agencies are regularly entering data into NICS.

3. Banning assault weapons. This is likely the most difficult battle Obama will undertake. He wants to reinstate the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, which outlaws military-grade weapons, like the AR-15 used by Newtown gunman Adam Lanza and by Aurora Theater gunman James Holmes. Obama wants Congress to pass the ban, and close some of the loopholes identified in its 1994 iteration.

4. Capping magazine clip capacity at 10 bullets. A military-grade weapon is dangerous, but so are its accessories: Obama proposes banning all extended magazine clips that hold over 10 bullets. Huge magazine clips allow a gunman to fire off hundreds of rounds without having to stop, even once, to reload. The high-capacity magazine ban was also part of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

5. Purging armor-piercing bullets. The sale of armor piercing ammunition has been banned for quite some time, but is still legal to posess such bullets. Obama is calling on Congress to outlaw ownership and transfer of these bullets, instead of just the sale. Those who oppose any gun laws try to spin a ban on armor piercing bullets as a ban on deer hunting ammunition, but such ammo has the ability to penetrate bullet-proof vests, and is more colloquially known as “cop killer bullets.”

6. Funding police officers. Obama wants Congress to reverse its course of austerity for public employees by approving $4 billion to fund police enforcement around the country.

7. Strengthening gun tracking. In order to track weapons that are used for crimes, Obama will issue a memorandum mandating that all agencies trace back firearms. This means that any agency in the country must trace guns used in crimes back to their original owners, as a way to help collect data on where criminal weapons are coming from. Obama will also ask Congress to allow law enforcement to do background checks on guns seized during investigations.

8. Supporting research on gun violence. Obama hopes to be able to gather more information on gun violence and misuse of firearms, and use that data to inform the work of law enforcement. He also wants to restart research, which has been long blocked by the National Rifle Association, on how video games, the media, and violence affect violent gun crimes. The Centers for Disease Control will immediately begin these efforts, but Obama also is calling on Congress to add $10 million to the pot of funding for such research.

9. Encouraging mental health providers to get involved. In order to make sure that those with homicidal thoughts are unable to access the weapons with which to kill, Obama seeks to encourage mental health professionals to alert authorities to such people. He will clarify that doing so is not in violation of patient privacy laws. He also wants to dispel the idea that Obamacare prevents doctors from talking to patients about guns.

10. Promoting safe gun ownership. The administration will start a “responsible gun ownership” campaign to encourage gun owners to lock up their firearms. He will also work with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure safes and gun locks on the market are effective. He’s also calling on the justice department to help him come up with new gun safety technology.

11. Funding school counseling. Obama is calling on Congress to fund the positions of 1,000 news school counselors. The funding will come both through the already-existent COPS Hiring Grant, and through a new Comprehensive School Safety program that Congress will need to sign off on. The latter would put #150 million into funding for new counselors and social workers in schools.

12. Encouraging safe, anti-bullying school environments. Over 8,000 schools could receive new funding — $50 million — under Obama’s plan to encourage safer school environments. Obama wants to help at-risk students by creating a “school climate survey” that will collect data on what services students need, and to remedy any problems by putting professionals into schools. The administration will also issue guidelines on school discipline policies.

13. Recognizing the mental health needs of low-income Americans. Medicaid recipients already qualify for some mental health services, but Obama would like to expand that service so that low-income Americans have the same access to professional help as those who have money to pay for it on their own. Obama will issue a directive to heads of state health programs, enforcing “mental health parity” — the idea that mental health should be treated as a priority as important as physical health.

So here is the question: With gun violence as rampant as it is in America with approximately 12,000 deaths each year, is Obama’s outlined proposal above in the interest of public safety out of bounds as a threat to freedom?