When the phrase “welfare recipients” is used, people tend to think of poor Black people. We have all heard it before: references to single Black women with a whole bunch of kids as being “welfare queens”. We know the narrative because we see it every day. Even if there is alarming evidence that the average welfare recipient is likely to be white as they are black, we will believe otherwise. Hell, if the media promotes then many of us “sheeple” will follow suit and believe it.

Then again, that mentality goes back to the 80’s. You know the story about Ronald Reagan putting some “imaginary” woman on blast:

“The Welfare Queen” was a term first used by President Reagan. Reagan talked about how a Chicago woman abused the system and had 80 different identities and was receiving around $150K in benefits each year. The image portrayed was that of a black woman. Here’s an interesting fact about “The Welfare Queen,” … there is no proof that she ever existed. It is believed that Reagan either falsified the entire story to gain support for his belief that welfare benefits should be reduced, or that there was some truth to the story, however Reagan drastically exaggerated the level of welfare abuse. [1]

Even though the woman was actually real (Linda Taylor), it is to be said that Ronald Reagan was trying to make a point. Then again, this is the same man that created the citizen-pocket-killing Reaganomics. So, the 80’s sure was a time of Technicolor outfits and idiocy.

Enter Wesley Meredith: Welfare King

Yet, there are those instances that are so ironic that they become oxymoronic. Republican Senator Wesley Meredith has a hard stance against Medicaid expansion through Obamacare. Yet, this is the same man that received Medicaid benefits while he upheld a six figure salary [2]. When this information was revealed (by an opponent nonetheless), it was seen as something of a political ruse. Yet, when his ex-wife revealed that these documents were real, things started to change [3]. It became a concern when a Medicaid blocker used to receive those same benefits in the past.


Rep. Wesley Meredith (R)
Rep. Wesley Meredith (R)

To be fair about the situation, I am going to post up some of the reference article so you all can see for yourself:

Meredith’s ex-wife, Elizabeth, confirmed that the documents and information were authentic.  The couple apparently applied for and receive both Medicaid and WIC benefits in 1996 despite Wesley Meredith having a gross income of more than $100,000.  To receive the government assistance they applied for, requirements were for income to be less than $19,800.

This revelation is particularly interesting as North Carolina Republicans have consistently blocked Medicaid expansion through Obamacare that would extend health coverage to thousands of North Carolina residents who desperately need it.  Meredith has blamed his ex-wife Elizabeth for the application for benefits, but Elizabeth says that the two went to Cumberland County Social Services and applied for Medicaid benefits together.  Meredith has said that the release of the documents amount to a personal attack by his opponent and that his name did not appear on any documents Richardson provided to the Department of Social Services(DSS). [4]

The Wesley Meredith Problem

The problem that I, and anyone with a function brain, can acknowledge is that this gives a situation of “deferring responsibility” and “straight up lying”. How can a man be opposed to something he once benefitted from (illegally). While the jury is out on whether or not he “actually benefitted”, you have his ex-wife that authenticates the documents. So, either she is extremely bitter enough to put her own self through the ringer or she is possibly (realistically) telling the truth. The problem I have with Wesley Meredith is that he unfairly benefit from something that he works hard to deny to others.

He is also passionate about getting benefits he really doesn't need.

And that, my people, is the sign of a parasite. Wesley Meredith is a potential parasite in the form of a Republican Senator. Well, that and a former welfare king.

And this isn’t the first reported incident of the rich reaping the benefits of the poor. We can go back to the Minnesota couple (Andrea and Colin Chislom) that was riding dirty on yachts while receiving welfare benefits [5]. They definitely didn’t need any of the small cash ($165,000) they received between 2005 and 2012. And I am not trying to say that this happens often. What I am getting at is this: it happens when it damn well shouldn’t.

And to think: Minnesota had a welfare power couple. Impressive!

The Conclusion to Wesley Meredith

People like Wesley Meredith is what is wrong with this country. They will deny you of the basics that they unfairly hoard for themselves. This is not what this country was supposed to be founded on. Sadly, that just may be what our country is all about anyway: the rich get richer and the poor keep getting the stiff one. Now that we see this as a problem, we need to start solving it.

In the case of Wesley Meredith, it means that people in North Carolina need to think different through their voting power.