The election is over. President Obama has won a second term, much to the consternation of the political and religious right. And in some circles, his win is being called a landslide.

At what point does a win become a landslide? Slightly more than two-thirds? And even if this could be considered as such, it is only an ELECTORAL COLLEGE one. We must remember that the popular vote was very close from a perspective of percentage.

What this really means is that there are still almost half of the voting country that still does not understand that we CANNOT go backwards if we are to return to our leadership position in the modern world. We cannot turn our backs on math and science as the extreme right would have us do. Nor can we turn our backs on the social progress we’ve made in our laws.

It’s a basic truth of existence that we can’t stand still; all of life is either progressive or regressive, and the regressive dies out and becomes extinct. Therefore, for our survival as a nation and as a power in this world, we MUST go forward; we MUST progress. We cannot afford to go backward as a society. That way lies the chaos of loss and anarchy.


  • Does it really matter?!?

    Whether it was by 1 electoral vote or 100, he won. No one disputes that at this point, not even Karl Rove. As far as presidential elections are concerned, close is only relevant in horseshoes or hand grenades.

    Those people that refuse to move forward are simply in denial. It ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    A win is a win.

  • Val

    Lol@all the cliches you used in that comment, Reggie.

  • Captain Cliche at your service ma’am!!!!

  • Guilty as charged!!!!

  • Going by Bush/Rove logic anything over -50,000 popular vote lead, and a 10 electoral vote lead is a land slide. And getting 50% of the vote twice is a rarity so there is this M word involved even if the Tea Party doesn’t like it.