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The GOP Needs Divine Intervention

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I didn’t watch the GOP debate last night; instead, I opted to watch the NFL playoff game. Trust me, the football game was less predictable than the run of the mill Obama ain’t shit talking point. I did however, vatch a small portion of the debate this morning, and as usual, I wasn’t surprised. At this stage of the game, even if there was a clear GOP frontrunner, I believe the clear winner in this year’s general election would be president Obama. And I say that given the fact that the economy id slowly improving. I mean it’s hard to conti9nue to pushs the meme that Obama’s policies have failed when unemployment has dropped to a new low of 8.4%. I mean, can we credit the do-nothing Republican Congress for this new brightspot? By September, should unemployment dip below 8% for the first time in a long time.Can we say that it was a direct result of the GOP obstructionism of the last 3yrs? Yeah, I’d say the GOP needs a divine intervention; it’s the only thing that can help them win.

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Published on: January 8, 2012

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  • Anonymous

    I did not watch the debate either because as you clearly stated the Republicans  really do not offer anything but to blame Obama for everything. Even when he adopted many of the same position and policies they were for, they still reject it.

    Given that, and given the fact that I have been disappointed with a lot of what President Obama and the Democrats have done or governed. The mere thought of any of these clowns in the White House is truly scary. To anyone who is not semi-comatose the they offer the best reason and the best campaign ad for voting for President Obama. As Barney Frank recently said ““we’re not perfect, but they’re nuts.”

  • Reggie

    You didn’t miss much RiPPa.  Watching these guys is like watching old slapstick comedy.  The only difference is that there are more than 3 stooges.

  • JusT a ReZ ChicK

    Yeah-Why is Tebow getting all the divine intervention???

  • Anonymous

    They better seek Tebow for advice then.