If you tell me that I as a Black man should be a supporter of Ron Paul because of his stance on weed and that’s it. I reserve the right to slap the shit out of you on behalf of my intelligence. No really, if that’s all you got, you really shouldn’t talk to me. Marijuana is the least of this country’s problems; it’s an issue – decriminalization that is. However, again, it’s the least of our problems. But I guess weed creates jobs for Negroes.

Oh, and not all Black people smoke weed, you misguided idiots! Oh I guess just because I’m Black there’s a genetic predisposition to twist up blunts unlike any other ethnic group. Oh and yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard about his racist newsletters like I have. I suppose I’m supposed to overlook them or the fact that he defended them. Yeah, none of that matters should he become president, because it’s not like he owns slaves like the founding fathers did back in the day, right? Yeah, I’m sure they too were big on property rights just like Ron Paul.

No Seriously, I Went To Gym With A Black Guy!

Yeah, I suppose that fact coupled with my stance on the war on drugs automatically makes me sympathetic to the idea of supporting Ron Paul, right? No seriously, is that what you think? I’m only asking because that’s all I’m fucking hearing all over the damn internet. RiPPa you Black and you’re down, why you don’t support Ron Paul, nigga? Well I’ll let you figure it out, stupid! I got more to say, but I’ll stop for now and get back to you low information voters. Fuck what you heard; I’d support RuPaul before I do Ron Paul; but then again, I don’t smoke weed. Shit, call me when he starts kissing Black babies on the campaign trail. No seriously, call when he does that shit, ‘cuz I’d love to see it myself.

Side Note: Ron Paul voted “No” on legislation to create Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m excited when I see more people like me being drawn into the political arena. As a matter of fact, I encourage more of us become active participants in the process. But at the same time, I urge many of you — much like the people in the videos — to pick up a book like Democracy Matters by Dr. Cornel West and read. There are a host of books that can be read on the issue of politics. I encourage you to read them as opposed to being pulled in by snake oil salesmen like Paul and his political buzzwords like freedom, liberty, and all that other bullshit which doesn’t have your Black ass in mind. Hell, where would you be today without the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that Paul clearly opposes? Yeah, I guess telling white folks that Black folk should be treated with human dignity seems like too much government. Yeah, to some of y’all, riding on the back of a bus wasn’t really a big deal, I suppose. Yep, just like the “nigger” water fountain from which Kool Aid ran, it was all good. Uh-huh, who needed laws to change those awesomely groovy times of oppression?

Being Black we must always remember that we’re one constitutional amendment away from being non-citizens; and yes, we should participate fully in the political process. But don’t get it twisted, Ron Paul is no different than any right-winger who serves as an elected official. He cares more about deregulation of corporations than he does the little people that is you and I in America. He’d leave you no-health-insurance having Black ass on in the floor of an emergency room floor to die. Yep, and he took the Hippocratic oath; imagine that. But nah, keep smoking that weed and stay stupid. I guess if Ron Paul ever became president and he made weed legal, all will be right in the Black community; yep, that’s what it’s gon’ take to save us, and we’ll be free of our corporate oppressors.

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RiPPa is the creator, publisher, and editor-in-chief of The Intersection of Madness & Reality. As a writer, he uses his sense of humor, sarcasm, and sardonic negro wit to convey his opinion. Being the habitual line-stepper and fire-breathing liberal-progressive, whether others agree with him, isn’t his concern. He loves fried chicken, watermelon, and President Barack Obama. Yes, he's Black; yes, he's proud; and yes, he says it loud. As such, he's often misunderstood.
  • Anonymous

    Good post Rippa

  • Anonymous

    Preach it!  I feel da spirit!  Btw, I like your new blog site because I can post on it now without any problems. 

  • Good to see you, Granny!

    All of a sudden these folks are coming out the woodwork screaming support Ron Paul. And the sad thing is that they’re Black like me. If I was stuopid I’d think he was paying them to do this mess. But I know how some of them are easily pimped just on promises so ain’t no mioney changed hands. LOL

  • The whole “y’all Black people need to stop voting your color,” talk is what pisses me off. They insult me by assuming or saying that everybody Black voted for Obama because he’s Black. But thwy’re so silly because they use this to push the agenda of a racisty who did have a problem defending or juatifying it.

  • I’ll be honest man. Just based on the anti-war talk I may consider voting for the guy IF he can get the nomination. I say that on the chance that he MIGHT be able to save a few lives. But I doubt it. I’m most likely just not going to end up voting at all. If I do it’ll most likely be some radical third party candidate, or just write in ‘None of the Above’.

  • What is truly a great liberal?  This is a term that I have a problem with because some times it means something and other times it hold no true definition in terms of what a group of people believe to be the right set of governing polices for the nation. 

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is a sly old school racist.  His son let the cat out the bag about how he feels about Civil Rights. 

    We got work to do in this coming elections, so we need to roll up our sleeves and get ready for the fight of our life

  • Anonymous

    Amen, msladydeborah, I’d like to know that myself because it wasn’t too long ago back in history that racist used the term to refer to people as “nigger lovers” and there are a lot of us old enough to remember that.

  • Amen to that. We gotta work twice as hard in 2012.

  • Preach it, Rippa!

  • Hey Granny!

    You’re in my head.

  • Indeed. Righteous post!

  • Anonymous

    That is the issue. President Obama has been horrible on civil liberties and war.
    President Paul would be better on those issues. President Paul would likely gut the EEOC and a whole host of other agencies which do things he find abhorrent.

  • Lol, well I don’t smoke weed and I support Ron Paul. Mostly because I think his policies are the only ones that really take into consideration that America is in decline and needs to act accordingly. The other politicians on the right and the left are simply trying to avoid dealing with this issue, and passing the burden down to the next generation. There’s a lot of things that Empire Superpower America was able to do, that it won’t be able to do by the end of the decade, and until some other politicians start speaking about that I see things only getting worse, and I also see more ideological battles in Washington designed to shift focus away from this main issue.

  • Kevin123
  • Kevin123
  • So does this mean his newsletters were not racist? Him delivering the baby of a white woman pregnant by a Black man means nothing. It doesn’t change the fact that his newsletters contained racist content, or content he has defended. It doesn’t change the fact that he refuises to return a donation from the well known racist organization Stormfront.org. But nice try tho.

  • What policy exactly as you see it Ron Paul supports that has regular people in kind? Surely it isn’t the notion of deregulating corporations and allowing free market principles to take over. Maybe I’m stupid, but isn’t that what got us into the current economic mess via the crash of the financial market system? Oh, and spare me with the gold standard garbage – the dollar is strong, and has be4en getting stronger as demand for U.S. bonds are at a record high under President Obama.

  • Dashajiba

    lol fuck you nigger. 

  • You’re the trashy ignorant nigger!

  • Dont even worry about that powerless fool. They’re the only ones who resort to using that word in an attempt to demean Black folks.

  • Dorian Mode

    Ron Paul may support legalizing weed, but I bet in the black community he’d spike it with meth. 

  • Me too, Granny. There is no waiting for it to load.

  • Kevin123

     judge a person by their actions, not petty donations, and propoganda put out by the news networks. Stormfront has more feds in it then skinheads. Funny, you mention race of mother. “content of character”  1 of my heroes once said.

  • Kevin123

    You are an a$$hole dashajiba. . The gold standard is not garbage, it is what was used all through recorded history(and unrecorded history wipped out due to conquest)  We have been slaves to interest bearing instuments since 1913, and the banks/gov stole everybodies silver coins in 1964. Demand for bonds not strong, the fed is just doing currency swaps. they have printed 23 TRILLION! 

  • Kevin123

    Name calling is from people, who want to stop people from discussing real issues, getting educated. . You all better start reading up on finacial crash of argentina and plan accordingly for you and your families.  It is comming, and it will be deadly to the unprepared  and uninformed. 

  • Kevin123

    Educate yourself on the money system of the usa, WE ARE ALL SLAVES to interest! They want the discusion to be weed,race,hate,race,weed. Take the time to watch those videos I posted, Watch the second one , notice the crowd listening to MLK? White people and black people together, no hate in ANY eyes! MLK is one of my heroes, on the list he is right before ron paul.        

  • Kevin123

    Right on que, a “Racist” shows up to stop the only real debate going on here.IAs long as people fall for that, it will be done. Did you do that rippa from your other computer, because you were losing the argument? Just wondering, because I see it on other sites ALL the time. So predictable.  It is obvious you know NOTHING about our present banking and monetary system. Ron paul supports private property rights of people, houses getting tooken due to the taxes to government, is government STEALING! War is bankrupting this country, byebye 

  • Kevin123

    Do you know how much private property is taken from “regular people” because this failed war on drugs? The ONLY reasons why paul wants to legalize drugs is 1- personal responsibility, an addict will be an addict 2-the corruption of people, police departments/gov the illegal drug trade creates  AND 3-To stop the unconstitutional seizure of private property.

  • Bigmattwallace

    this says ron paul voted no on mlk holiday?  thats not correct he voted in favor of the holiday in 1977, you can look it up.   it will also show newt gingrich voted against it…

  • john

    You’re smarter than that, man.  Those newsletters were racist as hell, but you know damn well that Ron Paul did not write them.

    He put out that newsletter since 1976, and it wasn’t until the early 90’s (when he was practicing medicine full time) that that racist stuff popped up.  Hell, the worst newsletter of all even has a byline which says it was authored by James B. Powell.

    If you don’t like his policies, that’s fine.  I think Ron Paul would be by far the best choice for America, black people included, but you are entitled to your opinion.  Calling him a racist is just wrong, though.  The media’s smear campaign against him is totally based on the assumption that people like you will take the bait and, and you’re just proving them right.

  • john

    I’m sure plenty of people voted for Obama for other reasons. but are you telling me that thousands of Black Americans didn’t vote for him simply because he’s black?

    I think it’s awesome that we’ve broken that color barrier, but it’s time to vote based on actual principles rather than superficial qualities.  Our economy crashed because of the bubble we created with foolish, shortsighted fiscal policies that did more harm than good.

    I typically vote Republican but I think the way the right has demonized Obama is ridiculous.  He’s basically George Bush III, and Mitt Romney would be the same damn thing.  More spending, and mounting national debt.

    Can you really disagree with the fact that we are spending way too much money?

  • john

    No, no, no!  We have gotten further and further away from the free market system over the last 100 years, and THAT is what resulted in the decline.  When the government runs out of money to spend and they start printing new money, it devalues the dollar and basically equates to stealing money from the people.  The government does not have that right, and it is destroying our economy.

    The gold standard thing is a pipe dream anyway.  Even Ron Paul himself knows that it will never happen, he is just pointing out that it would stabilize the value of the dollar.