I try not to pay too much attention to polls this far out from the general election. I don’t, because I truly feel that people are liars – yes, I firmly believe most people polled tend to tell pollsters what they think they want to hear. However, being the racism chasing hustler I am, I couldn’t ignore the released results of a poll done by Gallup. For the record, of all the pollsters, I trust Gallup the most.

According to Gallup, Romney edges Obama on middle-income voters — these are registered voters who earn between $36,000 and $89,999 per year. Ironically, the poll concludes that Obama has a significant lead over Romney when it comes to low-income voters. Yes, it would appear that voters on the lower end of the income totem pole, may be feeling a the hope and change thing.

This from Gallup:

PRINCETON, NJ — Mitt Romney currently has a 49% to 45% edge over Barack Obama among middle-income voters, those whose annual household income is between $36,000 and $89,999. Romney has the same lead among upper-income voters, while Obama maintains a wide advantage among lower-income voters.

The results are based on Gallup Daily tracking of 2012 election preferences by demographic group, including more than 9,000 interviews with registered voters conducted between May 14 and June 3. During this period, Obama and Romney were tied at 46% among all registered voters.

[…] Obama’s lead over Romney among low-income voters has ranged between 13 and 16 percentage points in each of the three-week rolling averages of the vote by demographic group that Gallup has reported since late April. Meanwhile, Romney’s edge among middle-income voters has been between four and seven points, and among upper-income voters, between four and six points.

Romney, the wealthy former head of Bain Capital, has slightly greater appeal to the highest-income voters in Gallup’s data, those making $180,000 or more in annual income. This group has shown a 53% to 42% preference for Romney since mid-April, compared with 50% to 45% for Romney among those earning between $90,000 and $179,999.

Now, this is where it gets interesting for like-minded race hustlers like myself. Interestingly enough, Romney maintains an edge on white voters of all income levels. That’s right, even broke-ass white people are leaning Romney’s way. However, unlike the meme that suggests that black folks all voted for Obama in ’08 because he was black. I doubt the same would be said about white voters who as the poll suggests, are more supportive of Romney. I’m not sure he’s human, but he’s definitely white.

Yeah, I mean, nobody wants to be labelled as racist, right? Nobody wants to believe the suggestion that white folks refuse to vote for Obama because, well, a black man(?). Now I finally understand why some Americans believe the national anthem should be changed.

In each of the three major income groups Gallup reports, there are strong racial divides in voting preferences. Non-Hispanic whites and nonwhites show stark differences in their candidate preferences.

In Gallup tracking since April 11, Romney is the leader among whites in all income groups, including those who are lower income. At the same time, Obama has a commanding lead among nonwhites in all income groups.

Obama’s large lead among low-income voters overall is due to two factors. First, as the prior table shows, lower-income nonwhites prefer Obama to Romney by a 68-point margin, compared with smaller 55-point and 52-point margins among middle- and upper-income nonwhites, respectively. At the same time, Romney has a smaller lead among lower-income white voters (10 points) than among middle- (19 points) or upper-income white voters (14 points).

Second, and perhaps more importantly, nonwhites fall disproportionately into the lower-income group. Nearly half of nonwhites, 49%, report annual household incomes of less than $36,000. And 38% of those in the lower-income group are nonwhite, compared with 22% of those in the middle-income group and 17% in the upper-income group.

I find this to be very interesting, especially when you consider than 87% of the five hundred thousand or so people who donated a minimum of $200 to Obama in 2008, have yet to donate a single dime to his campaign in 2012. If you remember back in ’08, Obama had the small donors on lock – and no, we’re not talking about all the people who bought Obama t-shirts from the trunk of somebody’s car at the local Piggly Wiggly. Now this all leaves me on the fence when it comes to my idea of having a fundraiser in the hood attended by Obama. Yeah, we could invite low-income whites as well.

I mean why not? He’s been hobnobbing with wealthy celebrity types like Goerge Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jon Bon Jovi. Uhm, why not a local hood barbecue fundraiser? OK, yes I know Fox News and right-wing assholes would have a field day. So what? We can call then racist for overwhelmingly supporting Romney despite his proposed economy crushing policies, right?

Whether this proves white folks are racist can be debated until the cows come home. However, what it does prove, is that black folks place no faith in rich white men giving them anything.

White folks on the other hand… ?


  • You know, its funny. I was at a workshop at an anti-war conference, and the speakers were all the folks from over at Black Agenda Report. I made the statement that I sometimes when I hear racist vitriol directed at Obama, I think it is to his advantage. It seems like racist white folks are doing a really great job making it so that no white person with a LEGITIMATE critique of Obama can express it without being lumped in with the racist crackers whose opinions are simply falling along racial lines.

    And, even when people DO express LEGITIMATE concerns, they are STILL labeled as racist, because they supposedly did not critique Clinton. (this according to a columnist from The Nation). Of course, that ignores the fact that man people who are now active in anti-imperialism and anti-war were not interested in politics when Clinton was president due to their younger age.

    I have had people (friends even) look at me and tell me that ANY TIME a white person criticizes Obama, no matter how legitimate their concerns, it is because of racism. So, I am going to take the advice Glen Ford gave me at that panel discussion… rather than airing my own concerns, I am simply going to tell people to visit BAR online.

  • Gina

    I have legitimate reasons for not liking Obama. Not just as an African American Woman but as a Soldier. But I’m no dummy either. I’M DEFINITELY NOT for Romney. However, I will tell you this when I filed a sexual and racial discrimination Congressional Complaint against my unit. It was a Republican Texas Congressman who came to my aid. Not the NAACP, Al Sharpton, ACLU, Operation Push, President Obama, or even my HOMETOWN Democratic Congressperson. It was actually President Obama’s policy that kept me from securing a the job I rightfully qualified for. Even when the complaint was justified and substantiated. Thank You Mr. President;) And as I wait to be kicked out of my home this week. It is the same man who helped me last year, Congressman Carter, who’s personnel stated it was NOT their problem. My, my, have things changed. I actually appreciated the President not caring from the get go, than to be fooled by the two faced Republican Party. Unemployed and Uneducated (Although I have the GI Bill, I have to pay for books and classes up front and do not have any income for the initial payment), I’m on my own. I’m worst off now than before I served.

  • What policy specifically signed into law by Obama prevented you from getting the job you qualified for?

  • Also, did you write the NAACOP and the other orgs you mentioned? I’m only asking because you stated they never came to your aid. Lastly, was the Congressman the representative of your district?