Until today where I heard Philadelphia Mayor, Mike Nutter sounding pissed and enforcing curfews on teenagers, I had no idea what was  Flash Mob. Maybe it’s just me, or the fact that I’m getting old, but I never knew just who or what in the hell a flash mob consisted of.

I mean I saw an AT&T commercial where the guy got the text message too late and showed up too early for the flash mob thing. So, I guess from that I assumed it was one of those deals where “happy people” showed up in a public place and broke into a dance or sumthin. Or maybe some random event where women would show up at one particular location in the city and pulled out their titties or something. You know, kinda like the same way some clown always runs across a footbal field butt-naked, just for the pleasure of being tackled by security?

Yeah, in my mind that’s what a flash mob was, and never thought it to be violent. But now that mayor Nutter has blown his cool, I’m trying to understand just what is the fun in some dumb shit like that? Where the fun in getting a group of people together via text messaging to show up at a specific location to terrorize the general public. I mean, what the hell happened to “Red Light, Green Light,” or “Hide & Go Get It,” or any other childhood game of my youth. Sure I’m showing my age, but what’s this shit about? More importantly, who started this dispicable act of random niggerdom juvenile delinquency?

So I did some looking into this, and this is what I found:

There is a disturbing sociological phenomenon occurring. It’s the Philadelphia flash mobs in 2011.

Flash mobs are usually organized whimsical events that are meant to amuse the public. However, the teenage flash mobs of Philadelphia are out to steal, assault, and destroy.

Sometimes, the lawless acts of the flash mobs are spontaneous. Other times, they’re planned and premeditated. Below are three recent teenage flash mob crimes committed in Philadelphia in 2011.

– On June 28, about 100 or more teenagers who left a concert night committed a series of violent crimes. One of the crimes took place when a group of teens ran by a Max Brenner restaurant and snatched valuables from the patrons.

When one of the patrons ran after the thief, she was punched in the jaw and called obscene names.

Source: http://www.philly.com

– On June 25, a teenage flash mob brutally assaulted pedestrians. One of the victims was Emily Guendelsberger, an editor at The Onion, who had her leg broken.

Guendelsberger tweeted that there might have been 100 teenagers and that some of the men with her group “got pretty f***ed up.”

Molly Eichel, a Daily News writer, was with her at the time. She said “some kid just came out of nowhere and punched my friend Charlie in the face.”

Source: http://www.philly.com

– On June 23, a group of teenagers boarded a train, got off at a stop near a Sears store, entered the Sears store, and stole sneakers, socks, and watches.

The mob committed their robbery in less than four minutes. Three or four teenagers stayed outside the Sears store to act as lookouts.

Source: http://www.delcotimes.com

I dunno, but this shit sounds pretty ridiculous to me. We bitch about municipalities cutting back on funding for recreational centers, summer programs, and activities for kids. But I’d be damned if such programs have been cutback to the point where kids in Philly are idle enough to come up with some sill stuff like these so-called flash mobs. This might be the “in thing” or the cool thing to do for some. But it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, or even killed because of this nonsense.