Paul Ryan Gives Candy to Unemployed Workers at Labor Day Parade

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You know, I’m starting to second guess Mitt Romney’s VP pick, Paul Ryan. All this time I thought he was a cold and heartless politician much like the guy at the top of the Republican presidential ticket. Judging by his much talked-about budget proposal, with 60% of its cuts targeting the most vulnerable among us, it’s easy to develop the idea that Paul Ryan is a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge. And then the guy decides to attend a local Labor Day parade in Janesville, Wisconsin and you find out that everything you’ve thought about him up to this point is wrong. Yep, the same Janesville, Wisconsin where a GM plant closed under George W. Bush was blamed on Pres. Obama by Ryan, but I won’t hold that against him.

Yep, I now have a different view of Mr. Ryan. His actions at the parade proves him to be very different than perceived. Paul Ryan may have told a few lies here and there, but passing out candy to unemployed workers, just shows that he is a compassionate and generous human being. There’s only one problem though; this parade was not yesterday, it was last year. Yet and still, him being the Labor Day version of the Easter Bunny should be commended; yep, many folks can’t afford candy. Call it a longshot, but maybe Romney can learn a thing or two from this. Hardly likely, but a man can dream, no?

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Published on: September 4, 2012

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  • Harriet E. Barlow, Ph.D.

    Hey RiPPa! I’ve always worried about this Ryan choice. Personally, I always thought he was pretty scary. His recent actions and lies continue to support my original impression of him. When you get a chance, check out my new spot For All Intents and Purposes. Caught an “interview with Ryan” that might spark your interest. :+). Would be “Very Much Obliged”.

    • RiPPa

      Thanks for sharing that link! The more I think about it, I think Romney picked Ryan to not only add credence to his supposed Conservatism. But also to shift focus from him and his invisible tax returns.