I never thought I’d ever see the day that members of the Republican party would take a stand, and fight for freeloaders who refuse to, well, be responsible. You know, the, “pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” and do the big boy thing that is purchasing health care coverage once ‘Obamacare’ goes into effect in 2014. Man, Ronald Reagan would be so proud of what his beloved party has become; yes, it’s mourning in America, and my Republican buddies are lining up in funeral processions all across the country.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but it’s gotten so bad now that the Supreme Court has upheld ‘Obamacare’, that some of them are threatening to move to Canada. Can you believe that shit? OK, lemme repeat that: Republicans are so disgusted with yesterday’s decision on “socialized health care”, that they’re willing to move to another country that offers, er, um, socialized health care (?). But of course you may say that this is just the typical idiocy exhibited by those afflicted with the mental disorder that is conservatism. I say it takes a lot to make a man compromise on his ideology; and in this case, I say this is sure-fire proof that they’re just downright racist. How racist? Racist enough to leave the country because of a certain black guy — to hell with grabbing guns.

So what’s this ridiculousness about? Of course I’ve already told you; but the real irony is that they’re cloaking it with the “massive tax hike” meme. Which i absolutely false, by the way; because very few people will pay the penalty for not having coverage. But let them tell it as all the talking heads have: ‘Obamacare’ will in effect create an increase on taxes for all. Of course this is very far from the truth. And as a recent report shows, the recently upheld law by the Supreme Court, will actually be a tax cut for millions of Americans, according to Families USA. How many? Oh, about 28.6 million of them — mostly in the middle class — will once entering health care exchanges and receiving affordability credits from the government, But nooo, this is all about more liberal taxes and spending:

We found that an estimated 28.6 million Americans will be eligible for the tax credits in 2014, and that the total value of the tax credits that year will be $110.1 billion. The new tax credits will provide much-needed assistance to insured individuals and families who struggle harder each year to pay rising premiums, as well as to uninsured individuals and families who need help purchasing coverage that otherwise would be completely out of reach financially. Most of the families who will be eligible for the tax credits will be employed, many for small businesses, and will have incomes between two and four times poverty (between $44,100 and $88,200 for a family of four based on 2010 poverty guidelines).

But hey, as entertaining as it is to watch my right-wing friends freak out — one of them even told me that George W. Bush was a closet liberal for appointing Chief Justice Roberts — It’s important that we counter this silly talk with nothing but the truth. Moving forward, it is up to us lefties to continue selling the benefits of the health care law, even more than the White House has to. Because you know the old saying: when you repeat a lie enough, it magically takes on the look of truth. And of course we know that our friends, are very good at that sort of thing, right? But hey, don’t be surprised when the talk of redistribution of wealth via health care, or it being reparations for black people resurfaces in weeks to come. Like I said before: they’ll do anything to stop the black guy.

Look, I’m not suggesting that everyone opposed to the health care law is racist; however, I am in no uncertain terms saying, that to be opposed to the law makes one an idiot. And I say that because I have yet to hear one congruent argument, as to why expanding an access to a more affordable health care model is purportedly a bad idea; and, not in the best interest of consumers across the nation; consumers who will need health care services at some point in their lives. If you can convince me, I would love to hear it.

  • Reggie

    I am forever amazed that most Americans could look at this shit and take a stand against it. Even those of us with medical and dental insurance through our employment. Tomorrow is another day for all of us. Why would a rational human being oppose. Particularly the millions of toothless unemployed masses.

  • Brother, the majority of the people opposed to the health care law are ignorant to the good that it does. Instead, they latch on to the lies of the GOP to display their disgust for something that has a positive impact on their very lives.

  • Rush Limbaugh is awesome!!! Every single time I see him I just know he’s gonna use the word ‘coon……………but he never gets around to it.

  • majii

    They watch Fox and listen to RW radio entertainers and politicians who profit from pushing lies and fear mongering. I don’t understand why anyone would listen to these mouthpieces with whom they have little/nothing in common. Limbaugh will never have a problem paying for his health care, yet, he can tell millions of people to be against affordable health care. It simply doesn’t make good sense to listen to him. Listening to Limbaugh reminds me of the millions who voted for GWB twice because they thought he looked like the kind of guy one could sit down and have a beer with. Never mind GWB wiped his hands on President Clinton’s shirt because he had shaken hands with some Haitians when he visited the island after the earthquake. GWB is not the kind of person who would interact socially with a majority of the tools who voted for him, but they’re too blind to notice this.

  • He uses that word and much worse in the lost episodes…