There’s something to be said about racial politics and how it plays itself out every election cycle. Rather than go into a lengthy dissertation about racial politics, allow me to offer this summation on the subject: this racist shit is fucked up! OK, so now that I got that out of the way, let me show you the latest turd to tumble from the mouth of Newt Gingrich while on the campaign trail in New Hampshire this morning. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t demean or disparage white people with this one:

Campaigning in New Hampshire today, Newt promised potential voters at a town hall that he would personally pay a visit to the NAACP and explain to the organization why African Americans need to ditch food stamps.

“I will go to the NAACP convention, and explain to the African-American community why they should demand paychecks instead of food stamps,” said Gingrich. (source)

OK, now I don’t know how a resident of the fifty first state otherwise known as Negronia is supposed to take this. Surely if you’re melanin afflicted like myself, you wouldn’t see this as Newt Gingrich making a case for reparations. I mean, not after his whole thing about “poor kids in poor neighborhoods have no work ethic,” tripe. One can only see this as a diss to the Black community, no? I guess seeing Rick Santorum surge in Iowa has something to do with this.

Yeah, maybe Newt is just like Santorum. Yeah, maybe Newt isn’t down with “helping Black people by giving them somebody else’s money.” Oh well, it’s too bad there’s no convention that Newt can attend to teach the 39% of white folks in America on food stamps, why they should demand pay checks instead of food stamps. Yeah, I’m pretty sure those lazy bums can use some unsolicited advice from the political whore that is Newt Gingrich, just like our no-work-ethic-having Black asses.

  • Newty wants to go back to post 1960’s social programs where welfare & Social Security were for whites only. That way even poor whites can afford a maid or field hand of good Negro stock.

  • Anonymous

    Newt is for one individual, Newt. He seems to have a maniac/ depressive personalty. one thing he comes off  like a con man, huckster, charlatan, snake oil salesman.He has never had any thing for middle class America,Black, White, Hispanic, Asian etc. This guy is a corrupt Washington insider, wheeler dealer, consultant/lobbyist? flip-flopper. For the good of the country and GOP he should quit the race and go home.He left Iowa with no delegates and cannot get on the ballot in Virginia. He is the worst whiner in the race, never stop complaining,wants to play the  victim .He has to go.

  • The GOP candidates have made the election about their contempt for black people and Herman Cain gave them his blessings so they won’t feel guilty.

  • Where does this fool get his statistics? Last I read (December) the ethnic group that received the most “stamps” were caucasian and lived in the mid-west.  Or maybe my sociology textbook and instructor fibbed for which… they should be deported… post haste!

  • I made myself a promise not to let these crazy old men work me up this year. But this is just so damn insulting. 

    I am really tired of being attached to all of the problem of this nation because of our race or in my case my race and gender. 

    They are smack talking for that southern swing. I don’t really expect the NAACP to get up and throw down the way they honestly need to. But he needs a serious dose of we ain’t having it!