Some time ago, I remember mentioning that the  state of Michigan (and Detroit in particular), was ground zero for what the GOP has in store for America. From Detroit closing schools, giving teachers the boot, and introducing the for profit charter school model, to taking over entire municipalities and leaving elected official like mayors and city council persons without power. Well, check out what their latest piece of awesome is all about; remember, they want their country back:

Lansing— The state Legislature on Wednesday passed a 48-month lifetime limit on welfare benefits expected to cast more than 11,000 families off the welfare rolls on Oct. 1 — including more than 29,700 children, according to state officials.

The cumulative time limit will save $77.4 million in the budget year that starts Oct. 1, but Democrats and child advocates said they fear it will cause a humanitarian crisis as social agencies are flooded with families who can’t pay for rent, utilities or other essentials.

Gov. Rick Snyder, who proposed the cap as part of his 2012 budget, is expected to sign the bill into law.

Judy Putnam, spokeswoman for the Michigan League for Human Services, said: “The impact is going to come … when families lose a key source of income and may not be able to pay the rent just as the school year is getting started and kids are settling into classrooms.”

She added that many nonprofits and charities also have been slammed by the recession.

Wayne County will be most affected, with 6,560 families losing the cash assistance. Genesee County will see 1,533 families come off the rolls, with 600 in Muskegon, 385 in Oakland and 371 in Saginaw.

Statewide, 11,188 adults and 29,707 children will lose their benefits in just over five weeks. By September 2012, there will be 13,789 families to drop off the rolls, said Sheryl Thompson, acting deputy director of field operations for the Department of Human Services.

Thompson was not able to give a breakdown of adults and children by county, but she said the average family includes one adult and two children.

DHS Director Maura Corrigan announced earlier this month that the agency would no longer grant extensions to clients who have exceeded the five-year federal limit on cash assistance.

Thompson said most of the families who will lose their benefits Oct. 1 have been on the rolls five years or longer.

Republicans said Michigan no longer can afford to allow families to stay on the assistance plan for four years or more.

And of course, here’s the usual rhetoric:

Republicans said Michigan no longer can afford to allow families to stay on the assistance plan for four years or more.

Rep. Kenneth Horn, R-Frankenmuth, noted that food stamps, Medicaid and child care payments will continue for those kicked off cash assistance.

“This should be a strong statement for Michigan residents that (cash assistance) should not be a lifestyle,” Horn told members of the House before Wednesday’s vote. The measure passed largely along party lines in both chambers.

Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel said the governor intends to review the legislation.

“As always, we need to do a final review,” Wurfel said. “He believes it’s an important step in helping ensure public assistance is a bridge to family independence while also striking an appropriate balance with exemptions for hardship or incapacity.”

WNow isn’t this ironic? Didn’t we just have this conversation a few

days ago when I highlighted that awful “It’s Free, Swipe Yo EBT” music video?

Is This Michigan Or Somalia?

Classic GOP politics; screw the poor. While it’s not a problem to kick thousands off of state assistance, it is completely OK to extend welfare to corporations as governor Rick Snyder has, in the form of tax breaks. Yeah, nothing wrong with giving businesses a free ride. Hell, they’ve already cut unemployment benefits. What’s next? Putting a tax on poor people for oxygen consumption?

Oh well, I guess the hope is to motivate those lazy bums on welfare to find employment, or maybe even create jobs. After all, if corporations are people, I suppose the same can be said that people are indeed corporations, and thus, capable of the obvious. That would be, being the benefactors of government favor, no? On that last point, in the eyes of the GOP, I’m sure I’m wrong.

Democrats and child advocates said Michigan’s high unemployment rate means parents removed from the rolls won’t be able to find jobs.

Rep. Fred Durhal, D-Detroit, told House members that Oct. 1 is being called “doomsday” by many in his impoverished Detroit community. He pleaded with Republicans not to pass the 48-month limit.

“Children cannot make it on their own,” Durhal said. “To disarm a parent by eliminating the ability for them to supply milk for a baby is something every member of this chamber should weigh on their conscience.”

Durhal was heckled and booed by Republicans when he added, “God will get you if you don’t do the right thing.”

Dave Maluchnik, spokesman for the Michigan Catholic Conference, said the group is concerned about the tens of thousands of children whose parents rely on cash assistance.

“These are families, and families mean there are children involved,” Maluchnik said.

Maluchnik said the number of children in poverty is listed as an indicator of economic strength on the “dashboard” Gov. Rick Snyder is using to chart Michigan’s economic recovery.

“I don’t see how booting tens of thousands of people off cash assistance is going to move that needle on the dashboard,” Maluchnik said.

The DHS’ Thompson said most families will receive two more checks before payments are stopped.

The department will offer two months of emergency rent assistance to clients who are actively seeking jobs and also will provide two more months of help through the state’s Jobs, Education and Training program.

“On Aug. 8, we mailed letters to potentially everyone who was going to be affected by the 60-month (federal) limit,” Thompson said.

“We will send out a subsequent letter letting everyone know they will be affected by either the 48- or 60-month limit.”

The state has notified the counties that some people in their communities will be in need of assistance after Oct. 1, Thompson said.

The department also plans events in heavy-hit counties for residents to connect with local social services agencies and charities.

“These are able-bodied adults,” Thompson said. “They have had between four and 15 years to reach self-sufficiency.” (source)

As you can see, this is going to amount to something catastrophic for poor folks in the state of Michigan, which I’m sure there isn’t a shortage of. Catastrophic for the city of Detroit that is two minutes away from becoming a third world country. Which if you think about it, might not be a bad idea. I mean hell, give Sally Struthers a call, film a few commercials with native Detroit kids with flies on their faces soliciting “sponsorship” at the cost of pennies a day. I’m sure that since the GOP run state government doesn’t care, that this idea should work out fine. But yo: see how that opens up an opportunity for someone to make money? Hey, maybe this’ll become the norm in America.

Feed The Children commercials with American kids with flies on their faces?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

(h/t The Urban Politico)

  • $5 says the next round of epic riots will be in Detroit come October.

  • Damn. What’s next is THE question. 

  • hate to say it… but that seems like the only way to get attention.

  • Don’t be surprised when they come with quotas on child bearing for poor people in America.

  • They already have it’s called closing planned parenthood. If you can’t get sufficient health care and you are a woman and you can’t go somewhere to find out if you have an at risk pregnancy your death will be, nah I refuse to even allow their ignorance to tarnish any deity even one they claim to serve.

    America the Fiefdom, if republicans have their way 2012 will be the year they usher in their Utopian society, everything for them and nothing for anyone who doesn’t look like them and live alongside them in Ivory Towers

  • CafeConLecheBlanco

    I think you forgot to mention detroit is what happens under decades of pure liberal leadership.  Sorta like any African nation. Total fail, then you blame conservative for not finding more money to keep taking care of the eternal dependants.   Who has been in charge for decades? Black Democrats, who still in charge and makes all the policies? Black Democrats, who looking for YT to come save them only they aint askin they demandin, black democrats, YT aint the majority anymore, start asking Pedro for the crumbs. See what happens.  Money well done dried up who gonna save em? Aint gonna be the black democrats, they gots theirs,.  As far as the riots–gonna suck to not only be poor but have to live in burnt out buildings. Aint nobody else gonna clean up after people who piss in they own hallways anymore.   Learn to like rice and beans and work real hards to get it too.

  • Anonymous

    Good look Rip. Thanks for the shout out. Yes this is the stuff that’s going on in Michigan. Unfortunately that’s what happens when people vote Republican. Folks just don’t care. So it goes.

  • Anonymous

    Right because of course it was part and parcel of liberal corporate leaders’ plan to close up shop and shift manufacturing and any other job they could to China, India and Mexico. Those doggone black liberal corporate leaders-if we could just remove them from corporate leadership good conservative leaders would take over the corporations and return manufacturing to America because conservatives aren’t as greedy as liberals are and wouldn’t move jobs out of the country to make a few dollars more profit. Conservatives are patriotic and would rather see a fellow American citizen with a job, even it that means the conservative only makes $15 million/yr instead of $20 million/yr. Liberals are just so selfish….

  • CafeConLecheBlanco

    Teach a man to fish, encourage him to catch his own fish and he learns self respect while supporting himself and his family. Give a man daily fish caught by someone else while telling him he has a “right” to that stranger’s labor (based on ancient sins by unrelated people) and he learns laziness and resentment. Societies thrive as long as they follow the first model. Societies following the second socialist model invariably run out of other people’s fish to distribute, to paraphrase Maggie Thatcher. The mystery is how leftists are able to keep on selling their demonstrably failed product that includes financial slavery of some to keep others in idleness (this includes not just Welfare handouts but affirmative action and unionized government make work jobs).

  • Anonymous

    Welfare is not socialism and I am not a socialist. Try again.

    The true mystery is how some people think going back to the economic and political structure of the Gilded Age is a good thing for the majority of American citizens.

  • Tax cuts, budget shortfall – opps, let’s cut cash assistance from poor people. Next year we are going to hear this same song and dance and they will look to cut the remaining services food stamps, Medicaid and child care payments.

    It looks the people need to galvanize and make some serious changes in MI. I understand an recall is in order for Governor Snyder, they need to make this happen and if permitted recall a few State Legislators while they are at it. Once again elections matter. Its quite interesting the the people who stayed home and misunderstood the power of their vote are the ones who are getting screwed over now. This is an extremely unfortunate situation for the people of MI.

  • Tax cuts, budget shortfall – opps, let’s cut cash assistance from poor people. Next year we are going to hear this same song and dance and they will look to cut the remaining services food stamps, Medicaid and child care payments.

    It looks the people need to galvanize and make some serious changes in MI. I understand an recall is in order for Governor Snyder, they need to make this happen and if permitted recall a few State Legislators while they are at it. Once again elections matter. Its quite interesting the the people who stayed home and misunderstood the power of their vote are the ones who are getting screwed over now. This is an extremely unfortunate situation for the people of MI.

  • Yeah business should not get a break. They should raise taxes on business so that more people can be helped.

    That worked in Illinois. It will work in Michigan too! Michigan and especially Detroit is a success story. The GOP shouldnt try to change things and mess that up.

    One thing Michigan has over Illinois, more people and businesses left there than Michigan last year.


  • Absolutely, By supporting Communist China, you dont have to worry about unions striking every five seconds. Michigan, Illinois, success stories.

  • If its my money, why not dictate how its spent and how much?

    The sterialization of the illiterate who cannot afford to raise children without The State is a practical solution to a probelm that plagues this country and many others.

  • Anonymous

    You just don’t have very much good to say about unions. I get that. You only say it on every post on every site. Someone could do a music review and your response would be along the lines of “Well the music would be better if the producer wasn’t in an union”.

    Try shooting a different arrow in the quiver. In any respect strikes and private sector union membership are both at all time lows, in part because so many people have accepted the nonsensical idea that unions are bad things and are responsible for everything bad in the world. Of course these people tend to want to change the subject when it comes to the high unionization rate and greater social welfare state of say Germany, which is by many respects currently doing better than the US.  Because according to the sort of simplistic thinking that blames unions and high wages for every social issue Germany should have fallen apart quite some time ago.

    The idea that current days unions are striking every five seconds or have much impact on the private sector is ridiculous and shows that you would rather engage a straw man than answer the question of whether it is appropriate to cut welfare benefits by one year for the least among us so that the rich can get a little richer.

  • And you don’t think the Germans manufacture elsewhere? Americans have jobs because it was a better idea to manufacture *in the United states* of all places instead of Germany. With the maze of regulations and other foolishness here, I cant imagine how bad it is.
    As for putting “the least of us” out on the street – what should we do? Take care of them for generations to come?
    As for the rich getting richer, their money can be accessed any time, all you have to do is actually work for it or offer a service they want. When you do, rich people tend to show up with cash in hand. Build a yacht, the rich will buy it, build a mansion, the rich will live in it and hire people to clean it. Get an education and the rich will doll out money to create an industry. The best among them will become rich themselves. The worst will earn a respectable living. It requires a 12 grade education, a respectable appearance and couth. When I was young and black, that’s what I had. It worked for me. It can be done.
    Its pretty easy to get the money they have.. Nobody seems to want to do it.
    The state is broke. People are leaving. The system must be dismantled. It didn’t work.

  • Anonymous

    Moving back to the economic state of affairs circa 1890 is not desirable. You didn’t address the point of how Germany is able to be both a high-wage and high union
    area. That shows another way is possible than the current US craze for low-wage, low-tax, non-existent unions.

    What we are seeing now is that the rich do not and can not drive demand enough to provide enough jobs for the American economy. Golden shower economic policy doesn’t work for the majority of citizens though perhaps it feels good for the superwealthy.

    It is a false choice to claim that anyone who is opposed to the welfare cuts to pay for taxes for the wealthiest is therefore for taking care of the poor for their entire lives. Rather the question should be how much more should the rest of us take care of the rich. We have inequality not seen since the 1920’s or before and people want to argue that the cause is welfare or unions. That’s not an argument even remotely supported by facts.

  • If you do that the rate of white children will drop significantly. North Carolina already did that and they are dodging several lawsuits. So exactly how does that solve fiscal problems, again.

  • I don’t care what color they are. If they are illiterate, they should also be sterile and stripped of voting rights.
    Its almost like my kid telling me what I should give it…

  • OK, Hitler Jr. The cases in NC were black, white, Native American, male and female. Your assumption that they were black simply illustrates your ignorance. Please don’t procreate.