I guess when you’ve failed to convince the members of the general public with a capacity to think that voter fraud is real, and that dead people are voting in an attempt to gin up support for those racist Voter ID laws and the possible disenfranchisement of up to 5 million voters this year.. I suppose it’s to be expected that a right-wing political activist the likes of James O’Keefe to step grand a hidden camera and step into the picture.

But before we get to that, what I do like is their attempt to show just how important it is for Liberal Orgs to have visitors produce identification when entering their offices or places of business. Once again, where they fail — just like with the argument about showing ID to board a plane — is in understanding the difference between rights and privileges. Trust me, there’s a very big difference between the two, folks. Yes, unlike voting, entering an office isn’t a constitutional right that has to be protected by government. I know, it’s hard to believe; but, it’s very true.

Funny how voters in this cycle’s Republican Primaries didn’t have to produce ID. But never-mind that or the journalistic integrity of O’Keefe’s previous works of investigative journalism being called into question. Yep, who needs to see a fully unedited version when it’s important to get your stinking lies message across to the rest of your low-brow, knuckle-dragging, members of your right-wing brood. And with that, the right-wing fake pimp is back at it again. This time around he attempts to prove just how easy it is without having to produce identification to commit in-person voter fraud by impersonating U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder.

But where O’Keefe fails miserably, in my opinion, is in not being able to provide sufficient evidence to support the idea that this has in fact been a problem in the past. Sure, it’s easy to draw support for the argument that Voter ID is necessary. But it’s another thing to actually prove that this is exactly how this tactic has been a problem in the past. I don’t know, but I think this was what Eric Holder meant when he said there is no proof that the problem of voter fraud exists. Let’s be honest: what idiot would take a gamble in attempting to impersonate someone else at a polling station?

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t this be a rather risky undertaking especially since you don’t know whether John or Jane Doe has actually showed up to vote before attempting to do so? I mean, let’s say they didn’t, when they did, wouldn’t it be obvious then that someone has in fact stolen their ballot? Well, can O’Keefe or any of you idiots prove to me that their has been a rash of stolen ballots across the country in the last general election? Face it, this has only become an issue because the black guy won. Think I’m lying? Well, were there any Voter ID laws before 2008?

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     the possibledisenfranchisement of up to 5 million voters this year[/quote]

    My buddy Rippa.  How are you – brother?

    It seems to me – a self-professed “Black Conservator” that the issue of photo voter id to prevent fraud AND the claim that people are going to be “disenfranchised” are both merely political theatrics.

    As a person who is seeking answers to my question of “What Makes The Prevailing Black Political Consciousness Tick?” – I choose to look at the places where the “Black Vote” is not at risk, is fully vested and yet our PERMANENT INTERESTS (quality schools, safe streets, thriving local economy) are still not satisfied.

    I conclude that the depositing of the ballot in the “American Election” is merely a METHODOLOGY that purports to address these interests.   

    The truth is that while the Black Progressives (meaning you) is inclined to take to the front lines to fight the racist right wing attempt at “voter suppression” – the far larger crime against our interest is that we as a people allow people who have our confidence to convince us to INVEST our “Black Community Development Consciousness” into the “American Political Football Game” / “Malcolm X Political Football Game” where we summarily fight for our TEAM but, for some reason forget to demand a RETURN ON INVESTMENT- thus we have assumed the biorhythm of the American election cycle instead of noting the fundamental distinction between our community interests and the interests of the parties for power.

    Why do you think that the NAACP doesn’t go back to Newark, Detroit, Chicago and fight against those they put into power, yet haven’t delivered as promised? 

  • How did he fail exactly? At least two states he s been to passed voter Laws… if thats failure at convincing people theres a hole in the system I don’t know what is!

  • Nice to see that you’re still maintaining your journalistic intergrity by not letting the facts get in the way of your writing.

    A lot of states use votor ID, some for at least a decade, and as far as I know, there hasn’t been any complaints about it.

    Instead of bitchin’ about people having to prove their identity at the voting booth, which is really a non-issue to everyone except blacks and Democrats, why don’t you try bitchin’ about something that everyone can really relate to, like the economy taking a major nosedive.

    Oh wait, that means you’ll have to complain about the President. Wow, what a novel concept for you.

  • You can call voter disenfranchisement “political theatrics” if you like. However, there is sufficient research to prove otherwise. But as for the argument of fraud prevention, there’s hardly any evidence that exists to support the idea that said fraud has been or will be a problem, my friend. This might be a bad analogy, but it’s sorta like implementing seat belt laws back when people rode horses and wagons before cars were invented. Bottom line: it’s useless.

  • There are many laws across the country which require Voter ID. By fail, what I meant was that he has failed in his video above to show that in-person voter impersonation fraud exists, and has presented itself to be a problem in the past.

    It’s that simple.

  • Nice to see your “white privilege” proudly flaunted. Yes, you cannot relate to black folks being disenfranchised or having to fight for the right to vote so I understand your lack of empathy. Your ignorance on the other hand?